Whether you Can Give Babies Soy Yoghurt

Can You Give Babies Soy Yoghurt? Most plant-based yoghurts don’t contain plenty of calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and fat compared to animal-based yoghurts. These nutrients are very vital, especially for vegan babies. If you are shopping for no-dairy yoghurts mainly soy yoghurt, choose the brand without added sugars and are fortified with vitamin D and calcium.


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Whether you Can Give Babies Soy Yoghurt
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You can feed your baby with soy yoghurt. It is a non-dairy alternative made from soy milk. Generally, soy yoghurt has a higher level of protein than any other dairy-free alternative. However, it has a low level of energy and some might have added sugar which makes it not appropriate to give to your child regularly.

Some brands of soy yoghurt contain very little added sugar and are fortified with vitamin D and B12. Also, contain high protein and energy content which is vital for young children.

Soy yoghurt is the most protein-rich alternative and is usually fortified. Ensure you go through the yoghurt label to avoid those that have added sugars including honey, blended fruits and maple syrup.


Is Soy Yoghurt Safe for Babies

Yes, however, you need to create a safe atmosphere for eating and stay near your child during meals to avoid choking. A child can choke from any liquid or food.

Soy yoghurt is safe. if your baby is allergic to cow’s yoghurt, all you need to do is feed him soy yoghurt in moderation, it’s the closest to cows in terms of nutrition.

Also, ensure soy for your baby is organic. GMO will not be good for your baby.

Soy foods including soy yoghurts have high protein content meaning they contain all essential amino acids your child needs. Even if soy is one of the top allergens, your baby will most likely outgrow it. It also contains iron and fibre which your baby may be lacking.

Some speculations suggest that soy contains compounds called isoflavones which acts like estrogen in the body, increasing the risk of breast cancer in girls and reducing testosterone levels in boys. However, research doesn’t support the myth. Evidence indicates that girls consuming soy have a minimum risk of acquiring breast cancer future.

Soy yoghurts comprise probiotics, this is bacteria that are beneficial and enhances particular health benefits including the improved immune system. Also, research suggests that specific probiotics may reduce crying in children especially those with colic.

Is Soy Yoghurt Okay for Babies?

Soy yoghurt originates from soybeans which contain nutrients that assist in kidney functions. Plant-based foods are relatively easy for your body to digest compared to animal protein. If your baby consumes a lot of animal proteins from other sources, soy milk might be an excellent way of balancing out the impact on the kidneys and whole body.

Soy yoghurt is a good choice if contains a large number of proteins, iron and various vitamins that are essential for the healthy growth and development of your child.



Soybeans also naturally contain phytoestrogens known as isoflavones. Even though high levels of estrogen are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, these molecules are not dangerous to your child. The molecules are relatively small and act as an anti-estrogen, thus offsetting the natural estrogen levels in the body when they are too high.


Soy yoghurt is safe for babies who are allergic to dairy products. However, you will need to consult your paediatrician before introducing lactose-free yoghurt to your baby.


When Can Babies Eat Soy Yoghurt?

It is recommended you introduce yoghurt to your baby at the age between 9 to 10 months. However, the timing of adding solid foods to the diet of your baby might not be crucial as some paediatricians may recommend adding yoghurts to your baby as early as six months.


The most appropriate time to introduce soy milk to your baby is when they are already doing well in solid foods. You can start by one serving and observe how your child responds. Then you can serve your baby soy yoghurt twice per day. When your child is 3 years consider giving 2.5 servings of soy yoghurt per day.


However, most essential nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin D are found in dairy products. if you are a vegan or your child is lactose intolerant you can avoid dairy products. Consider finding alternative sources for these kinds of nutrients. Fortunately, soy yoghurt has a nutrients ratio similar to that of regular yoghurt.

Side Effects of Soy Yoghurt for Babies

As you adjust your baby from breast milk to solid food, you can introduce non-dairy yoghurt such as soy which is quite nutritious for your baby. However, your baby might experience an allergic reaction to soy yoghurt if he is sensitive to cow’s milk. You have to use soy products with caution. The symptoms of soy allergy include diarrhoea, running nose, vomiting, rash, and wheezing.


If your child shows any of these signs, eliminate soy products from the diet and check whether the symptoms disappear. If the symptoms stop after eliminating the soy yoghurt from the diet, you will have to consult your dietician about other dairy-free alternatives. Sometimes your baby might grow out of allergies. Consider reintroducing soy yoghurt later in life.


Research suggests that soy products contain phytoestrogen which might trigger estrogen-like effects in babies resulting in health problems including a high risk of prostate cancer or breast cancer in future.


Soy yoghurt might leave your baby feeling full longer, this makes the baby not eat the food he needs for a balanced diet. Even after introducing your child to soy yoghurt, you will have to ensure he acquires adequate nutrients from various food sources.


Soy tends to disrupt protein processing in babies suffering from cystic fibrosis. Avoid giving these babies soy products. You should also avoid giving your babies large amounts of soy products than what is indicated on food or formula. A high amount of soy may have a similar impact as estrogen.


In rare circumstance eating, soy yoghurt can result in an imbalance of thyroid levels leading to goitre.




Soy yoghurt is most likely to be safe for healthy children. It is a quite nutritious and more beneficial option for vegans’ individuals and children with hereditary lactase deficiency. However, soy yoghurt should be taken in moderation. Consider limiting your baby soy intake to once or twice a day.












  1. When Is the Best Time to Eat Tofu for Weight Loss?

Tofu is usually a bean curd made from soybeans; it has been a staple food for Asian families for many years. It is a delectable meal for vegans making it the perfect alternative to cheese and meat in a weight loss diet.

Sticking to a healthy eating plan when you are always hungry can be challenging. Thus, making nutritionist opt for tofu when it comes to weight loss. Tofu contains fewer calories and a large number of proteins which assists in prolonging satisfaction after eating.

You can take tofu anytime as long as you take it in moderation. However, you will have to be keen on proportion. Tofu contains a lot of nutrients, hence is a great addition to your diet. Research shows that tofu contains an adequate amount of phytoestrogen which can easily disrupt hormonal balance in the body if consumed in immoderate amounts; this can also expose you to the risk of breast cancer.

When Should I Eat Tofu for Weight Loss?

Tofu is a versatile food you can consume at any time of the day. It was best taken during breakfast since it is a non-dairy product this will allow the digestion to take place easily during active morning metabolism. Also, the large amount of protein in tofu will provide enough energy to power you throughout the day. Tofu is also filling, thus giving you room to avoid unhealthy foods that might attract your attention during lunch hour.


Is it better to Eat Tofu in The Morning Or At Night?

Yes, eating tofu in the early morning hours will give better results than some hour before sleep. Tofu is rich in proteins and has low fat and calorie content. Plant-based protein is not easily digested like animal-based protein.

It would help if you eat your tofu in the morning when the metabolism functioning rate of your body is high, this will help in digestion and absorption of tofu easily and provide energy that you require for your daily routine while making you full for longer hours.

Your body has a slower metabolism rate while sleeping since you are not engaging in any physical activity. As a result, your body might take too long to digest tofu protein leading to stomach issues.

Is It Ok to Eat Tofu at Night for Weight Loss?

No, it is not advisable to consume tofu at night if you are losing weight. Tofu has numerous health benefits and is a good source of low-calorie protein in a weight loss diet. Even though it is a plant-based protein like lentils and beans it usually has fewer carbohydrates than the sources.

Regular consumption of tofu helps in reducing weight and prevents obesity since it is having very low cholesterol and fat level. However, eating tofu at night may not be a great idea especially if you are on a weight loss diet. Tofu contains a high amount of proteins which may not be digested easily at night because your body metabolism rate is low. The digestion may take longer leading to stomach discomfort or bloating.



Can I Lose Weight by Eating Tofu?

Yes, statistics show that above 130,000 individuals including women and men lost more than 2.5 pounds within 4 years as a result of consuming soy and tofu diet. Tofu remains effective in weight loss due to the following;

Improving the metabolic profile of women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ovarian syndrome is usually a hormonal imbalance in women that can result in weight gain and high risks of diabetes. Consuming 2.5 servings of tofu daily for 12 weeks can improve insulin resistance and hormone levels.

Might assist in glucose control. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome are always trying to reduce carb intake due to insulin resistance problems. In a single serving, you will get 2grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein, this is a low carb to protein ratio, making it the best option compared to meat.

Reduces appetite. Tofu is usually high in proteins and low-calorie foods, this might leave you feeling full for a long time making you eat fewer meals in a long time.

Lower weight gain in women. Most women past menopause gain weight mostly around the waist due to fluctuating levels of estrogen. Compounds similar to estrogen found in tofu may help. Consuming tofu regularly in moderation will reduce your waist circumference and reduce your body mass index.

Which Tofu Is Good for Weight Loss

Raw tofu is the best however it should be handled carefully to avoid contamination. Raw tofu never exists because it is made from boiled soybeans. You can use raw tofu as an ingredient in your smoothies. Tofu doesn’t have flavours hence it won’t interfere with the flavour of your smoothie. In addition, tofu will also enhance your smoothie consistency.

If you don’t prefer it raw, it is crucial to avoid adding fattening marinates because this can counteract the weight loss effects of tofu. Consider using substitutes of typical marinades that contain low fats and calories. Also, you should avoid frying tofu since it will absorb the oils used while frying. The oil used to fry tofu has a similar impact to fatty marinates or dressing on tofu.

Consuming raw tofu will minimize the intake of added oils and fats that may be used when preparing food using various methods. Tofu being a low-calorie food, this is crucial if you are interested in limiting calorie and fat intake.

Raw tofu is quite an easy and inexpensive way of adding plant-based protein to your diet, all you need to do is drain excess water during preparation. Also, it is a great source of magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron.

Consider adding your raw tofu to purees, smoothies and blended sauces. You can also use it to make homemade ice cream.




Tofu is a great vegan protein source and you can make it part of a low-carb healthy diet. However, you should avoid eating too much soy to avoid getting overload. Consuming tofu moderating will not only help in weight loss but also lower bad cholesterol levels in your body.

It also contains antioxidants and nutrients that helping improving your immune system. Tofu is the cheapest way of including plant-based protein in your weight loss diet.


  1. Is Tofu Keto

Naturally, tofu is cholesterol-free and vegan gluten as it is made from soybeans, hence it is common for individuals following particular diets. Tofu is quite tasteless and absorbs any flavour making it great for cooking.

In addition, tofu is low in net carbohydrates and calories and high in proteins. It is among the few plant-based foods with complete proteins.

Tofu is not keto. The primary ingredient of tofu is boiled soybeans which are not keto-friendly. Vegan individuals may consider tofu as a solid meat substitute due to its high level of protein and fewer carbs content. However, it is not an ideal item for keto at first glance as it doesn’t contain enough fats. The primary requirement for keto is having the correct ratio of all nutrients. It has low carbs, high fats, and a moderate level of proteins no matter the source.

Nevertheless, tofu converts more keto through processing. It comes in various firmness levels such as soft, extra firm and silken. The firmness in tofu depends on the various percentage of water content. As a result, the firmer tofu is, the higher carbs it has. Fortunately, you can use tofu for keto.

Is Tofu Good for Low Carb Diet

Tofu belongs to a low carb diet. Most types of tofu naturally contain low net carbs. You can use tofu as a protein alternative to poultry and meat since it’s low in calories and offers heart-healthy unsaturated fats for energy.

Tofu products especially baked can fit well in a low-carb menu, but you will need to watch the portion. Also, you can tofu to prepare meatless sausage and hotdogs which you can enjoy in small quantities on a low-carb diet.

Does Tofu Have Carbs

Tofu is known to contain a high amount of protein but less is known about its carbohydrates. Most people believe that tofu doesn’t contain carbohydrates while others assume that it has a low amount of carbs.

The fact is that tofu contains carbs. However, the amount of carbohydrates found in tofu is very low, this is the reason why it’s recommended for individuals who are trying to lose weight or on the keto diet.

However, the level of carbohydrates content in tofu varies depending on the type of tofu.

Silken Tofu. It is unpressed tofu that is known to have the highest water content compared to other types of tofu in the market. It is mostly used in making smoothies and pudding recipes. 100 g of silken tofu contains 1.4 g of carbs.

Dry tofu. This type of tofu can hold consistency and shape quite well. You can easily cut firm tofu into cubes and use it in baking recipes. Due to the crumbling property, you can use it as a substitute for ground meat for different recipes. 100g of dry tofu contains 2.6g of carbs.

Firm tofu. It is packaged with water and absorbs sauces and flavours well. As a result, it is used in fried meals. Consider pressing the dry tofu and extra-firm tofu before cooking to acquire the best results.

100g of firm tofu contains 2.3g of carbs.

Is Tofu Okay for Keto Diet

Yes, tofu is great for people on a keto diet because it contains low carbohydrates, low fat, calories and gluten-free. One block of tofu weighing 100 g consists of 76 calories. If you are on a carb-restricted diet, tofu will be a great fit.

In addition to the keto diet, tofu can also be eaten by vegetarians and vegans because it is an excellent source of protein that is plant-based.

Is Tofu the Same as Soy

Soy is a plant that is cultivated for its protein edamame pods that contain soybeans, this is complete proteins that you can prepare and eat on their own. Tofu is a particular type of product made from soybeans. It is extracted from curds of soy milk by pressing the curds into blocks. The blocks are then turned into different textures which include extra-firm, firm and soft.

The soy plant is known for various soy and tofu foods that are extracted from it, this includes soy milk, soy sauce, and tempeh which are increasingly becoming popular and available in grocery stores.

Tofu tends to be tasteless on its own, however, it can absorb different flavours from herbs, marinades, and more flavoured food prepared with it.

Is Tofu Grain Free

Yes, tofu is a vegetable protein, thus grain-free. Even if it is extracted from soybeans it is processed into a protein food. Hence it is classified with eggs and meat. It doesn’t have cholesterol making it a healthy protein choice.

Does Tofu Waist Blood Sugar?

Tofu being a complete protein with other nutrients helps in regulating blood sugar levels, this makes it one of the best foods a diabetic person can consume. It is also high in fibre. If you are suffering from diabetes you already know how crucial it is for you to maintain a low-calories and fat diet.

However, if you are not diabetic keep in mind that tofu can reduce insulin resistance, hence lowering your risk of acquiring diabetes. It also prevents protect you from acquiring type 2 diabetes.


Is Eating Tofu Good for Weight Loss

Yes, weight management is one of the benefits of tofu. despite being a weight-loss food tofu is also a great food as it assists in diabetes management. Also, it aids in improving your heart health.

Tofu can make you fuller for long hours without eating so many calories, as it is highly rich in protein. The protein also helps in preventing muscles from breaking down and converting them for energy. In addition, it is a good base for various dishes since it tends to absorb flavours easily. If you prepare tofu tightly, it will be a delicious addition to any of your diet plan.



Tofu contains carbs, however, the carbohydrate level in tofu is relatively lower compared to other foods, thus making it a great fit for people who are on diet. Despite helping you in weight loss, tofu will make you glow and improve your heart health while protecting your obesity. The protein in tofu will also enhance the elasticity of your skin


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