Principles of Project Management


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Principles of Project Management
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EBTH is an online auction business that runs various things for sale for five to seven days and then ships the goods to the bidder. In various nations, the company is developing and expanding at a very fast pace. These studies seek to establish a systemized project management strategy with a view to future global company development and to ensure successful market penetration. The paper provides for an in-depth examination of project methodologies, project requirements and project plan selection. Furthermore, a comprehensive description was also provided of the skills and resources needed for implementing the project management plan along with the effects and limitations of the plan.

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The study will detail the management approach and systems behind the auction website’s digital transition. Digital transformation of the business resulted in a large boost in revenue. Digital transformation is a large-scale activity, and thus effective project management is essential to make it succeed. A detailed project specification for EBTH has been outlined in this paper. In addition, this report contains information on the project’s overall structure. The study also suggests a work breakdown structure that would describe the many tasks to complete throughout this digital transition of the website. The study has also highlighted the essential abilities needed to carry out this project, which is to convert the auction website into a digital enterprise. Project management’s goal is to help the company’s business to increase in volume by improving their technology to identify various limitations.

Task 1: Agile Project Management Approach

Agile project management methodology

According to Agresti (2018), Agile is a project management approach that utilises short development cycles called “sprints” to continuously enhance product or service development. Agile was first designed to simplify and enhance the development process for the industry so that problems and faults may be identified and adapted quickly. It offers developers and teams a method to create a better product quicker via short, iterative, interactive sprints. In times of digital transformation, agile is a great match for enterprises seeking to change their project management and their operation in general, with many businesses moving to a digital workplace (Thirlwall and Pacheco-Lpez, 2017). Agile can assist guarantee the process and methodological alignment throughout the business.

Principles of Agile project management methodology

  1. Customer satisfaction is always the top concern and may be accomplished through quick and constant delivery.
  2. At any step of the process, changing surroundings should be used to offer a competitive edge for the client.
  3. A greater frequency of the product or service is provided.
  4. Stakeholders and developers work closely together every day.
  5. The stakeholders and team members stay driven by optimum project results, while teams are supported and supported with all essential tools and objectives.
  6. The most efficient and successful structure for project success will be considered face-to-face meetings.
  7. The ultimate measure of achievement is a finished work output.
  8. Active processes are used to achieve sustainable growth, through which stakeholders and development teams may keep pace constantly and continuing.
  9. Agility is strengthened by an ongoing emphasis on technological quality and design.
  10. The key aspect is simplicity.
  11. The greatest way to create the finest and greatest designs and to satisfy needs is for self-organizing teams.
  12. Teams utilise regular intervals to enhance their effectiveness by adjusting their behaviour.

Project Approach Questionnaire

  • What are the target markets of EBTH for offering auctions?
  • What are the requirements of EBTH to undergo a digital transformation?
  • What are the required resources for EBTH to undergo a digital transformation?
  • How the sales have been grown up of EBTH from 2012 to 2021?
  • Does the agile project management methodology justify the project outcome?
  • Upon the undertaking of projects, is there further delegation of tasks?
  • Who is responsible for the realization of project objectives?
  • Which processes of project management currently exist?
  • What are the financial implications of these processes?
  • Are there guidelines in place for project organization and quality assurance?
  • Do processes related to the projects meet the needs of key stakeholders?
  • Is the project independently carried out?
  • Is the progress of projects regularly evaluated?
  • What is the approval process concerning project management?
  • Our project objectives a priority for management?
  • What supportive structure has management put in place for these objectives?
  • What type of information is used by management to make project decisions?
  • Are other organizations involved in the project?
  • Has there been an appointment with a project manager?
  • Is data collected during the project for future reference?
  • Who updates the project plan?
  • How is the assignment of projects determined?
  • Are projects reviewed at the time of completion?

Application of Agile project management methodology

EBTH now provides auctions in 27 countries and 22 states to the tune of 3 million monthly visitors, and we have ambitions to extend operations to other countries. In a bigger market in Louisville and Lexington, KY, the business initially launched elsewhere in Nashville, TN. For EBTH, the company’s basic business concept is to run an online auction website using the abbreviation EBTH. Online auctions may start at $1, and anybody in the United States may place a bid on these auctions for 5-7 days until an item sells (Alpaydin, 2020). The item on the site that it orders may be sent to any location in the continental United States and beyond. It’s difficult to find good bargains since each item is unique. Since the business’s $8 million in 2012 revenues grew to $70 million in 2016 and is expected to exceed $120 million this year, Jacquie Denny, co-founder of EBTH, said that the business experienced a digital revolution (Nuottila et al. 2017).

Agile project management approaches to the EBTH case

In terms of return on investment, one of the biggest advantages of agile techniques is the flexibility to accommodate shifting priorities. You’ll be able to get data earlier in the process using agile’s iterative methodology and constant feedback, so the team can make more substantial decisions based on the real circumstances, not anticipated circumstances. For EBTH, the company’s basic business concept is to run an online auction website using the abbreviation EBTH. Online auctions may start at $1, and anybody in the United States may place a bid on these auctions for 5-7 days until an item sells. an online auction initiative that operates on a website and offers the site’s users bids for different goods. To put up a product for auction, users may configure the system so that customers may register to bid. Project management in online projects often involves using a project management tool inside the website. However, as commented by Carcary et al. (2016) they may differ considerably because of the varying needs that they address. Make sure it thoroughly examines the features of a platform to see whether it is suitable for the team. See how much Teamwork has to offer in this overview.

Task 2: Resource

Strategic alignment of the project

The primary aim of the project is to utilise best practices to help get the business goals closer to the methods that are required. This is needed for delivering project-level deliverables effectively and consistently. This project aims to analyse the social, economic, and political effects of a sustainable business model and then integrate the management and operation of the company so that they best fit that model (Hoda and Murugesan2016). This initiative is designed to ensure the effectiveness of various cyber risks on their conventional website and other company activities are minimised. In order to use the techniques associated with digital transformation effectively, the management will need to examine several organisational methods and procedures associated with final project delivery (Rasnacis and Berzisa, 2017).

Roles & Responsibilities

Role Responsibility
Feedback forms and content development Content Developer
Effective implementation of the plans and alignment with the specified goals Project Manager
Ensuring effective implementation of CRM technologies Marketing analyst
Ensuring there are no hindrances or technical errors Technical expert

Member Role
Technical expert One with experience and expertise in technological problems and problem-solving abilities.
Project manager One who has knowledge and expertise in project management and ensures that time and financial limitations are met (Wang and Peng, 2016).
Content developer Those who have knowledge and abilities in the efficient use of words and successfully communicate the company’s message to consumers.
Marketing analyst One who can formulate and implement efficient customer relationship management strategies to achieve higher marketing objectives (Sousa and Rocha, 2019).

Table 1: Roles & Responsibilities

(Source: Created by Author)

The agile approach of the project manager

Williams (2020) mentioned that a project methodology must be selected to implement the best strategy for a project. To choose the technique, we must examine project variables like complexity and simplicity and then find the appropriate approach. Finally, the project manager must also be mindful of the company’s aims and objectives, and provide information on the team and organisational values. Using the agile approach to complete this project will be the best choice. Agile has been selected by the project manager because it allows for rapid project pivots and provides more chances for the project team to alter the attitudes of all stakeholders (Nuottila, Aaltonen, and Kujala2017). Software development, however, does not always adhere to a particular methodology; rather, it may be thought of as a collection of guidelines to assist programmers to build their systems. Due to the project manager’s usage of agile as a means of customization, responsiveness, and iterative design, this project will utilise agile. the agile teams will be able to adjust their workflow to handle various levels of unpredictability by using an iterative and incremental approach (Shastri, Hoda, and Amor2017). To kick off the project, the team will go through a preliminary phase of careful planning, thorough implementation, and sound assessment. The assumption that an agile strategy will make it possible to assume that project changes are predictable, while at the same time demonstrating flexibility while adjusting and facilitating communication between the client and the project team (Miranda 2017). A dynamic project environment calls for agile methods, which allows projects to change rapidly and adapt to new needs.

Assumption of the project

  • Assuming the project’s strategy will be reviewed by stakeholders within a few days, it is presumed that the project will go forward.
  • A presumption is made that the company owners and consumers will use the website platform.
  • For this auction, it is expected that the goods are refreshed every day.
  • Most analysts believe the digital revolution will happen within a short time frame.

Task 3: Requirements, Prioritisation and User Stories

As opined by Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2019), an organization’s transition to the digital revolution will make the business holistic. This shift includes many internal and external aspects. Organization transformed by switching from the analogue to the digital world, with the result that time, as well as many other business areas, have shifted dramatically. The business will use digital transformation to bolster leadership by harnessing the full potential of digital change for success. In order to continue with its digital transformation, the business will have to embrace and adapt to digital technologies. It will use the newest technologies to enhance the client experience and concentrate on using cutting-edge technology. Cannabusiness digitization allows the firm to investigate all production methods, examine everything in fine detail, and locate mistakes, confusions, and problems (Shastri et al. 2017). Digital archiving and the dissolution of any separating lines between past, present, and future resulted in a boost in assets and the smoothing out of the production and commercialization processes.

Project requirements

The analyst of this project will need the company and its management to provide their accessibility to properly analyse the features of the auction website. While these issues should be kept under control, project managers should pay attention to all project issues to make sure that the project meets organisational goals. Some of the most important resources in this project are client profiles, data, and core operations. To put it another way, all the initiatives on the table should work together as part of a successful alignment. A thorough communication strategy is important to accomplish, maintain, and manage the success of this project (Greenway et al. 2018). To draw visitors, this project requires SEO and content analysis. A sitemap is necessary that has a framework for information and appropriate design, which may assist steer the spirit of the brand (Rasnacisand Berzisa2017). The auction website will be utilised worldwide, requiring more efficiency, therefore the project will have to upgrade the CMS and provide adequate testing.

Project prioritization

  • Reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiency may be greatly enhanced by digitalization. Additionally, it allows more effective control of manufacturing and selling operations, therefore enabling better financial management. Companies may develop new business models and sources of income through digitization.
  • Thirlwall and Pacheco-Lpez (2017) provide the following perspective on how company digitalization helps in giving improved client experience. Digitization enables a better relationship with consumers and clients and offers an incentive for them to buy into your strategy. Moreover, it provides the ability to use new channels, such as the internet or internet-based living systems. A website built simply helps the company be available in the market seven days a week, every day of the week.
  • Gives easier and more integrated access to internal process. The digitization of corporate systems and hierarchical organisation of activities are made possible. this method will improve the consistency of work yield since everyone follows the same method, and thus, work yield is higher since everyone is doing the same thing (Williams 2020). It promotes the organization’s objectives, personnel, and customers to be organised. For dynamic or ad-hoc queries, databases play a significant role.
  • A new market may be opened by digitising a website’s auction business. Up to the advent of innovation, corporate appearance was hindered by divisions; however, now all that’s required is a high-quality computerised communication process, and proper coordination to reach new markets. Digitalization increased the fluency of the business’s internal processes while also giving the firm a competitive advantage.

Task 4: Delivery & Timeboxing

EBTH is an online auction business that runs various things for sale for five to seven days and then ships the goods to the bidder. In various nations, the company is developing and expanding at a very fast pace. These studies seek to establish a systemized project management strategy with a view to future global company development and to ensure successful market penetration. EBTH may improve circles and develop its operations following the diverse customer and market requirements (Hess et al. 2016). The continuous requirement to ensure dynamism and rapid transformation make agile methods increasingly appropriate and relevant. The main deliverables of the projects are:

  • Digital workspace in EBTH
  • A developed website for Auction
  • A personalized software platform for EBTH
Product Time Method Responsible
Feedback and reviews 2 months To examine the questions used in companies and to analyse the questions often replied Marketing Team
CRM technology 6 months Efficient client access and modest customer testing Marketing Manager
Cloud-based operational technology 6 months Trail and cost reduction testing and analysis Operational Head

Table 2: Time Frame

(Source: Created by Author)

Description April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
Forming plans                
Delegation of work                
Forming review forms and feedback forms                
Testing of Feedback forms                
Cloud-based operational technology                
CRM technology                
Testing of technology                
Evaluating Impact                

Table 3: Gantt Chart

(Source: Created by Author)


The new development approaches mentioned in this study include shifting the business and its members’ methods of operation from various points of view, with the digitization of auctioned website development cited as one example. In this way, some things are expected and others are completely unanticipated. While this may be seen as a test of both identifying where to begin and continuing with one’s development, it is critical to have in mind an individual’s aptitudes in the workforce as a fundamental component of the process. The project specification is included in this report as well. This proposal includes specific guidance on how to organise the whole project so that digital transformation of the website may be carried out. This paper provides background information on the project management practices that the auction website of EBTH has had to use concerning their digital transformation. As a result of a digital transformation, the business was able to increase revenues by a significant amount. Based on the findings, the digital transformation of the auction website can be completed only if certain skill sets are obtained.



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