Organizational Behavior and Global Strategy



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Organizational Behavior and Global Strategy
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Executive Summary

Continuing progress in the technical field of mobile devices makes it very successful. Therefore, companies ought to be proactive for promotions. Apple places a focus on its product policy as one of the market pioneers in such a branch. Although it has the benefits of good financial status, market identity and outstanding data access manager, the management change and poor usage of the cloud are still drawbacks. Without exception, the firm will profit from its existing customers and the increased usage of smartphones while at the same time guarding against the global competition resulting from technical advances, volatile economic circumstances and the burden of regulating bodies. Apple Inc. is a global enterprise established in California on 1 April 1976 and formed on 3 January 1977. The corporation was called Apple Computer, Inc. for thirty years but on January 9, 2007, changed its name to Apple Inc. because it wished to grow into the mobile goods industry and not only have it on the computer market. It develops and applies its methods, which shape the marketing combination, based on their definition of difference. Apple management has to include in its decision-making phase the diverse points of view on its plans. Apple dominates the global stock sector, making its solid financial status its precious commodity. In December 2014, Apple concluded its financial statement, which made its cash into hand the biggest net profits in the historic era of public limited partnerships. The company’s $118.9 billion market identity is also a competitive strength, as it is the leading brand in the world.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Overview of the chosen company. 3

Critical analysis of the strategy and competitive advantage. 4

Identification of significant challenges and contemporary drivers of change. 5

Analysis of how the challenge was managed. 5

Discussion of Apple’s strategy of managing challenges. 7

Critical discussion of the impact of challenge. 8

Conclusion. 9

Reference List 10




The introduction is dangerous and the current idea of new product growth has been introduced to costly apples by subjecting to product change in the key product and constantly enhancing its functionality and consistency to the illusion that customers would purchase the newest model; the product approach that they use often gives rise to cultivation pursuing the client. The product philosophy is built on creative designs, ease-of-use and smooth integration, which make it simple to swap rivals to Apple devices without missing information. It is often helpful for the user to be more experienced when using Apple products because of the ability to use the same Apple id on other computers. The Apple product combo is connected in a better way. The strongest method for getting users tuned into the Apple universe is the easiest transition of data across smartphones.

Overview of the chosen company

According to Gvili (2020), Apple is a leading company in the field of consumer electronics and information technology. The business has a large product mix of various product lines. According to Investopedia, Apple Inc. has been difficult in years; nevertheless, Apple’s value is reportedly 1.3 trillion dollars. The case analyses the periods and the tactics employed by the firm to cope with the problems of competitiveness, client anonymity, pricing, intellectual property, supply chain management and sustainability. Apple is an organisation that understands just who its clients and what they expect now and in the future. The news was first about the return of Steve Jobs as CEO in 1997. A business orientation strategy was effectively taken and the firm was able to collect a large number of facts on existing and potential consumer demands for special features. For example, iPod and iTunes were designed to meet the customers’ needs; the music world changed forever. In understanding competitive chances before opponents, Apple has mastered the first mover case (Hernndez-lvarez et al. 2019). The start of the business of new products was successful, and from the point of view of the customer, Steve Jobs saw the items. Apple’s success in developing innovative goods improves the product mix and deepens its product ranges. Apple shops are a powerful and important element of brand strategies and, to prove my words, the Apple shops have grown in history more than all others. The Apple shops are important since it is the customer’s first point of touch. They improved the brand and transformed the distribution strategy of Apple. They also allow Apple more advantage over displays of products and consumer service. The supermarket idea was introduced by Apple. Their shops are a place to browse and play; the goods may be used for consumers to equate them to other brands (Fountaine et al. 2018).

Customer service is essential as the store built in such a way, that after two minutes of entering the store, the customer gets support from a customer service representative. All of the shops align with the image of the brand that renders it familiar. Both Apple executives are continuously looking to expand their stores, improve customer experience and invest more time in the stores while they maximise the likelihood of buying. As per the viewpoint of Reis et al. (2017), the customer support staff will be in contact with the clients and will recognise what they expect and are asking for, meaning that they provide a variety of suggestions and offer R&D and manufacturing and Steve Jobs will inspire ideas to be debated and people to invest in. Furthermore, their rivals’ Dominance in Apple devices, as Mac does last longer than the typical laptops of two years. Besides the store-recycling scheme, shoppers can swap their old items and get different discounts. Last but not least, the promotion strategy: Apple depends more on word of mouth marketing and is the most trusted source for users since buyers have the same requirements for much of the facts and reviews. They are now a technology distributor for innovative people such that apple consumers feel as if they have an edge. They are easy to use, creative and immediately identifiable. This mixture of advertising strategies gave rise to the impression that Apple’s goods are part of customer identity. As they communicate with others, they become less price-conscious and easily embrace new products from Apple (Severcan et al. 2020).

Critical analysis of the strategy and competitive advantage

In addition to this Apple has to make major improvements in its products to maintain its market share because of the high competition in this industry. Apple makes minor improvements to its products during the last several years, for example with the addition of extra improvements to the iPhone. Apple can continue to provide its clients with innovative design, ease of use and products of high quality. In addition, Apple can continue to expand its product mix by adding more product lines like those that it does. As mentioned by Heinrich et al. (2021), after the introduction of the overseas sector, Apple Inc. would gain primarily from the supply of inexpensive labour, better productivity and increased profitability. The move to places like China would mean that the business is continuously provided with inexpensive labour. China is a cheap and stable country relative to the United States. Cheap and continuous supplies of labour greatly improve the profitability of the business in the industry. China has sophisticated labour capabilities in IT in comparison to the US, as Apple executives argued. Apple Inc. will relocate to other parts of the world, such as the lack of employment for Americans and the complexities of the coordination of a wide range of stores in other countries. Apple Inc. will be developed in other nations to reduce demand in America. Pietrzak (2020) opined that the establishment of new Apple stores in China would result in the citizens of China losing American employment. Chinese employment loss of Americans is expected to trigger serious hostility between the two countries, thereby contributing to international sanctions.

Identification of significant challenges and contemporary drivers of change

Apple does not avoid dealing with all of its suppliers but rather develop ways to ensure that the miners, the suppliers or Apple itself are applied in a correct ethical manner. Apple can deal with trust vendors that the State Board knows about and recommends while still overseeing the development of the mine, even if this is beyond its competence. Apple must learn to see how miners function and in which circumstances, otherwise, vendors will move their company elsewhere if they avoid dealing with suppliers, and apple will lack the necessary material and still lack a poor name to add to it. Rather, Apple can immediately develop proper coordination, accountability and direct blame and arrange for providers that are the miners themselves to operate and under what circumstances. Strielkowski and Chigisheva (2018) mentioned that Apple should hire inspectors to oversee these mining sites for its benefit and report only for safety precautions and for ways of demonstrating their complaints instead of waiting before things run out of control. Consumers should take note of an ethical record of accomplishment as this is more an ethical source and provides various aspects in which an undertaking manufactures their goods across the whole value chain and how the commodity itself affects the customer and the community. Through keeping track of an ethical procedure for a business, a customer will recognise whether the goods of a certain company comply. A customer may choose a substance that is likely to be dangerous to his or her health that is not checked for safety objectives and it could affect and threaten a person’s wellbeing (Ting and Gray, 2019). Taking the legal records of businesses into consideration often allows the customer to realise the things that a commodity ought to do as well as how it can be used correctly so that the user and community are not in danger. In addition, monitoring the ethical processes of a business helps explain why it actually is worth buying products or simply poses a risk for yourself, since it helps to know the circumstances under which the commodity was produced.

Analysis of how the challenge was managed

Apple has succeeded with its stable and secure offerings in taking faithful consumers. It then announces a pre-ordering strategy to allow innovators to pre-order the commodity and pay it in advance, to make some profit during the introduction process (Pawar et al. 2019). Apple earns a great deal of revenue from that strategy and invests it in other fields. Apple may use various marketing tactics in business development to promote current products/services to new customers and maximise sales. This may be done, either by extending the commodity to other geographical areas or by seeking a buyer for them.


Matava et al. (2020) stated that Apple’s devoted staff and particularly the CEO team are a major achievement. This unit comprises all the management teams in technological, marketing and employee roles. In the business, Steve Jobs, Managing Director and Co-founder of Apple Inc., has an important part to play. There have been several financial difficulties during his absence. When Steve Jobs returned in 1996, he worked on creating innovative technologies and launched iPod in 2001, which makes a huge profit. In 2001, he introduced the iPod. Steve Jobs is certainly a force for Apple. In June 2005, Apple formed a relationship with Intel Microprocessors. This was helpful for Apple since it is targeted towards a larger sector. Moreover, as Steve Jobs said, ‘Intel is the best roadmap of the processor.’ Therefore, Apple computers are far better and more robust from then on.


As argued by the management of overseas stores in China, the proliferation of cheap labour will inspire a decrease in operating costs. In the coming years, cheap and inexpensive labour would support the production of higher profits at Apple Inc. Apples’ supervisory scheme is also warranted because the management committee has discovered a more mature Chinese expertise. The shortage of IT graduates in the United States renders it legitimate for the organisation to introduce a supervised business in China. Apple will make a big impact on the company’s ties with the Chinese government by building up new stores in China. The executive staff has learned sophisticated Chinese expertise. The shortages of IT graduates in the US justify that the business should develop its supervised market in China. Apple will make a great contribution to the business partnership with the Chinese government by establishing new stores in China. It is honestly tragic to hear that the substance itself creates a dilemma and causes health problems for someone.

Human relations

Apple is a big enterprise, which sells millions of units globally, making it more a multi-million-dollar organisation able to consider ethics than anywhere else. First, Apple should be accountable in the supply chain for ethical lapses and even other businesses that need stain (Thao et al. 2019). Because Apple requires tin to process and produce its goods, it should also be possible to adopt the ethical approaches taken directly from the source for this content. The further stain Apple requires for tin the more the average miner can bear these demands in a bad working state. Tin is the raw material for Apple. This means Apple must protect and track the health of miners, or at least know about it, and belong to the mining company to verify that they obey the proper protocols and are protected from the start because the more hectic Apple’s name continues to work, the less ethical it will get.

Discussion of Apple’s strategy of managing challenge

From the viewpoint of Abbaszadegan et al. (2018), an indication is commonly used in spreading to international markets or extending to the public from the private sector. Apple has not only been selling in the United States but has spread globally and earns USD 24,298 in revenue and $30,929 in worldwide sales in 2010. Another indication of this is that Apple is leaving the former for some period into the consumer as it launches a fresh product to purchase it to low-income consumers (Atreja et al. 2019). Apple gains a new opportunity and makes a modest profit from this technology. Another example was the fact that Apple sold to its customers just at the beginning, but that it extended into the field of education several years later (Arndt and Ewe, 2017). The iPhone 3Gs when Apple launched iPhone 4G, for instance. This is true of all Apple goods. When a new product is released, the old one is left on the shelf at a relatively low price for a period. It is a result of a puppy.

Marketing managers therefore ought to think very hard about what they can invest in. If they are investing in a lucrative commodity, it will become a star and then money cow or pets. Items from Apple are substantially expensive, targeting certain sectors of the market with high quality, highly reliable and exclusive devices such as the iPhone and iPad freshly released in 2010 (Short et al. 2017). Another example is the shuffle of iPods with no computer. These devices do not need much to less consumer demand, so most consumers purchase the iPod. These goods thus benefit an organisation less, so they are puppies. There is a low market share but have risen on a strong market (Fu et al.2017). The firm already has a very poor market share and has to spend a lot of capital to expand its market share. The Mac Computer was Apple’s first released, which was then overpriced and only a small segment was thought to be pursuing. Since the digital video machine, the iPod, the corporation first survived in the market. The business has further improved its brand value with other brands, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. While the management of Apple notes that, the product policy of his company revolves around the emotions of enthusiasm and confidence of Apple goods; critiques are made of his approach and the Apple Watch in particular (Rassweiler-Seyfried et al.2020). Critics say after a launch Apple has lost its attention, as watches have little to do with smartphones or tablets. Fans of Apple Watch think, on the other hand, that it is an innovative move towards introducing the idea of intelligent watches in the mass industry. It is also suitable for tech engineers who can build groundbreaking applications through it.

Critical discussion of the impact of the challenge

Feng et al. (2018) commented that Businesswoche researched that Apple plans to reduce device prices considerably low and much cheaper for any individual, iMac and MacBook laptops have been built for multimedia purposes, the majority of media corporations are using Apple devices to operate their businesses as Apple provides many benefits for their Mac OSX apps. Microsoft’s aggressive rivalry with Multi-media windows 7 could have led Apple to reduce its market share values. Introduction the iPhone series and lately the iPad is Apple’s custodial focus. Both devices are designed to meet high standards, allowing consumers and companies to conveniently and securely access their data. These high-tech devices are claimed to be quicker than any other product on the market. The goods are unusual in that they are recognised as “innovators” by Apple at this time. The organisation of Apple’s business was still an example following this pattern. For example, new staff members of highly competent companies are hired by the IBM Company, which entered Apple in 2009 (Kaya et al. 2019). They are also regarded as re-designing or restructuring their organisation Apple’s value chain was also analysed for its effectiveness, with Apple reworking the production value chain to increase the production efficiency by the end of the 1990s. Their production facilities are supplied from China in which they have exclusive partnerships with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers including Foxconn Limited. Apple’s business policy is designed for regional segmentation; in the UK for example, network operators including O2, Videophone, Orange and Three have sub-contracted their devices. These prepaid telecommunications companies give great payoffs and often provide consumers with free iPhones on a monthly payroll plan.

Apple already has a major private cable and newspaper promotional push. Apple’s activities and main core competencies, on the other hand, include its research and development. It claimed that R&D spending could hold them in the industry at the competing advantage. In short, the Apple Company has provided web support to upgrade the Digital Appstore applications available via iTunes, for instance, upgrades to its operating systems and useful applications for house consumers and companies to sustain and achieve its market share. Apple’s distinct offerings have a strategic edge. No business has an innovative stronger spirit than Apple. It can guarantee that no other corporation will replicate their particular skills in such a global environment. Though Sony may also manufacture high-tech devices, Apple is not yet easy to replicate in design and integration. The complexity of the Apple items, including the white colour of the iPod, is finalised with the approval of the CEO Jonathan and Steve Jobs themselves. The result is a very complicated process. In addition, some are attempting to reach the vertical integration structure of Apple, but find it impossible to do so since Apple only owns the best chip suppliers, specifications and controls, making it conveniently synchronised between all its chips. Apple’s strategy is to produce the right product that can have a great consumer experience for any new launch because its attention is not on the production of goods that consumers require nor are willing. The two main features of the offerings are ‘simplicity’ and ‘intuitively.’


Much like other businesses, Apple still designs and executes the policies from a viewpoint of its own. However, in the community, diverse opinions exist on the company’s initiatives. Positive facets of these views would enhance Apple more as a brand. However, critical thoughts must be dealt with tactfully, as they could do considerable damage to the business. The critical assessment of any part of their marketing campaign will ensure that they maintain and transcend their strengths. Apple claims to take part in responsible environmental sustainability activities. The management aims to use green energies to operate across the globe with the introduction of modern virgin paper label packaging. Apple established a relationship with the Conservation Fund to build forest styles from which virgin paper can be prepared. A 2014 study states that Apple ranks among the most environmentally conscious technology firms, being the only organisation that prevents harmful contaminants in all its goods and therewith protects human health. Apple also requires sustainability legislation regarding its retailers. The BBC Panorama study showed, however, that the suppliers of Apple-owned mining ships threatened the marine life and the climate. Where the critics criticise Apple’s ambitious high-scale manufacturing practises to remain competitive, Apple says it has preventative steps to promote the use of renewable forms of resources to preserve the atmosphere.


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Our guarantees

Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore.
That’s why we have developed 5 beneficial guarantees that will make your experience with our service enjoyable, easy, and safe.

Money-back guarantee

You have to be 100% sure of the quality of your product to give a money-back guarantee. This describes us perfectly. Make sure that this guarantee is totally transparent.

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Zero-plagiarism guarantee

Each paper is composed from scratch, according to your instructions. It is then checked by our plagiarism-detection software. There is no gap where plagiarism could squeeze in.

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Free-revision policy

Thanks to our free revisions, there is no way for you to be unsatisfied. We will work on your paper until you are completely happy with the result.

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Privacy policy

Your email is safe, as we store it according to international data protection rules. Your bank details are secure, as we use only reliable payment systems.

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Fair-cooperation guarantee

By sending us your money, you buy the service we provide. Check out our terms and conditions if you prefer business talks to be laid out in official language.

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