Leadership, Governance and People Management



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Leadership, Governance and People Management
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Executive Summary

The following paper examines significant organizational dynamic concepts and also management methods of both W. L. Gore and ALDI. The corporation’s limitations and merits are carefully investigated. The research focuses mostly on policies and practices that both W. L Gore and ALDI.

Additionally, virtues and boundaries aid in the development of a democratic style of thinking. This study also discusses the essential practices of human resource management for both firms. Different management concerns that are impeding employee performance were also discussed. This paper mainly focuses on research data that indicates how distinct organizational structures are formed and the subsequent repercussions of a shortage of management and leadership.

Table of Contents




The purpose of this research is to look into the research papers of W. L. Gore and ALDI in an attempt to decide the organizational problem in both instances. The research aims to help the organizational effectiveness of W. L. Gore and ALDI by providing organizational solutions. W. L. Gore & Associates was founded in 1958 inside the basements of Bill and Vieve Gore’s house by Bill and Vieve Gore. Primarily, the business addressed the consumer electronics sector. Gore has a strong history of turning ideas into actual, meaningful experiences for consumers and communities. Anna Albrecht founded ALDI near Essen, Germany, around 1913, and it has been handed over or even extended by her sons Theo and Karl by 1948. Ever since, the company has expanded to encompass dozens of outlets worldwide, with over 1,600 throughout the United States.

The structure is composed of:

  • They are critically analyzing emergent management, people management, and organizational issues.
  • Critical discussion on the concepts of organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational leadership, and people management.
  • Critical discussion on organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational leadership, and organizational people management.

Worker control and autonomy difficulties, advantages and limitations of the concepts used, critical argument and specific recommendations for management, people management, organizational issues; organizational challenges confronting management and leadership; rationale for specific plans. The examination of information available about ALDI and GORE reveals the organization’s specific operating model and its benefits and shortcomings. The fundamental problem in people management, from both a dependable as well as a flexible standpoint, is aiding managers with emotional and perceptive components. Finally, the document will give a conclusion that will describe the report’s significant factors.

Case Study Analysis

Part 1

Critically analyze the Emergent Management, People & Organisational Issues Of The Two Cases.

Issues of ALDI

Issues in organizational culture

ALDI has a strict and disciplined work culture and structure. As per Woodrow and Guest (2017), Workplace bullying is one of the significant issues in the company. It causes reporting to the senior managers and the conduction of the interviews with the accused person. Workplace bullying and overtime working in the organization make the employees face various unhealthy competition, work, and family-related problems. Organizational politics is also visible in the company because of workplace bullying that adversely impacts organizational citizenship behavior resulting in demotivation.

Issues in organizational structure

Centralized decision-making procedures are observed in the company. Distinct tiers of the Hierarchy system in ALDI are the main organizational structure of the company. This hierarchy system causes various problems among the employees and the leaders. According to Mack and Szulanski (2017), this organizational structure is another reason for leadership problems and communication gaps leading to a long decision-making chain. Thereby it is impacting the employee’s motivation, performance, and creativity. ALDI has also created some restrictions on the employee’s creativity by implementing a rigid bureaucratic structure. The flow of information in the company is thereby at stake. The characteristics of the mechanical organizational culture of ALDI are also in trouble in fulfilling the requirements of knowledge management. The major influence of such characteristics and organizational structure directly impacts creativity, motivation, and employee satisfaction.

Leadership issues

As per Mirayani et al. (2019), the authoritarian leadership practice in the company focuses on the directive process and does not consider the participation of other employees in the decision-making process. As per the dictatorial leadership, the managers with the higher job profile opposition make all the crucial decisions, and the employees do not participate in this process. The communication gap between the managers and employees affects the productivity and performance of the employees.

People or employee management issues

ALDI managers recruit temporary and part-time workers to reduce the chances of employee union. This is why the nonmanager employees have very poor decision-making authority. Apart from that, a CCTV surveillance system has been installed in the workplace without constantly monitoring and watching their activities, reducing the employee’s trust and loyalty towards the organization. These are the major issues related to people management in ALDI.

Issues of W.L.GORE

Issues in organizational culture

There are various issues related to the organization because of its flat structure. Having a flat organizational structure, the decision-making and strategic implementation become complicated. Leadership confusion is one of the major issues of the organization. Leadership confusion and abstract concepts confuse the employees about the chain of a government. It thereby creates many challenges for the employees to be productive, organized, and systematic. Lack of coordination and cooperation is also another disadvantage of the flat organizational structure. There is also another lack of bureaucratic relationship causing difficulties in the decision-making process and maintaining administrative costs. The employees also face unpredictable activities. Another issue is the difficulty controlling the bureaucrat and organizational operations due to confusion in the leadership for having a flat organizational structure.

Organizational culture

Due to decentralized decision-making and power processes in the company, the company faces many challenges and problems regarding the employee’s roles and responsibilities. As per Nikpour (2017), organizational culture impacts the performance of the organization and employees. The employees do not participate in the decision-making process and lack particularity in organizational responsibilities and roles. The employees and managers also face challenges regarding the confusion in decision making for dealing with the effective changes in the company’s work environment and eliminating the controversies and limitations. It thereby impacts the performance of the employees and organization.

Issues related to organizational leadership

Democratic leadership performed in the company promotes decision-making and participation of all employees in a group discussion or meeting. Issues in the company are also related to difficulties due to seeking legitimacy from clients from outside the company. The leadership process is a flexible and soft culture which is the main reason for low productivity among the employees. Salovaara and Bathurst (2018) defined power-with leadership as important to control the organizational structure and culture.

Issues regarding employee management

The employees in the organization are provided with their incentives and payments, not depending on their skills and performance. According to the ranking process, they are paid, which is the major disadvantage of the employees’ lack of motivation and satisfaction. A ranking-based payment system also discourages the employees from providing their best efforts and good quality performance for attaining the organizational targets (Cadsby et al., 2019). Non Manager employees also leave their responsibilities and roles due to a lack of skills in decision-making and problem-solving.

The Concepts Of Organisational Structure, Organizational Culture, Organisational Leadership, And People Management



ALDI’s organizational structure adheres toward a hierarchical organizational structure with a vertical command structure. This organizational structure is primarily concerned with profit and costs prosperity. ALDI’s organizational hierarchy is divided into three levels: top-level management, mid-level managers, as well as low-level workers (ROY, 2021).

GORE’s organization structure is indeed a lattice structure with no hierarchy. Transparent channels of communication, Without permanent or allocated authorities, Sponsorship, natural leadership as indicated by the desire of everyone to lead, Goals specified, and activities and responsibilities arranged with pledges are the key aspects of the Gore lattice organization structure.


ALDI has a well-defined organization as well as a rigid culture. ALDI’s organizational culture, thus according to Geert Hofstede, is work-oriented as well as goal-oriented. ALDI’s stringent culture is based on a high degree of control and responsibility.

GORE has a very ‘Egalitarian culture,’ focusing on the importance of contribution rather than titles or authorities. The GORE culture is ‘worker-oriented,’ with an emphasis on staff participation and development. According to Charles Handy, the GORE has a ‘strong culture’ with few regulations and very little complexity.



ALDI’s leadership management is about the business variety. Inspirational motivations, as well as a conditional compensation scheme, are used in transactional leadership. Transactional leaders motivate their employees by focusing on self and providing benefits in return for job performance, conditional compensation, and opportunistic management earnings (Chatterjee, 2017).

GORE has transformative leaders who inspire their workforce. Transformational leadership assumes that the manager-employee connection is one of trust and respect and therefore is defined by four components: charm, motivation, individualized consideration, and stimulation. GORE adopts the ‘Creative Leadership’ approach, centered on developing credibility inside the company.

People Management

ALDI maintains strong managerial power and controls centralized, with vertical linkages to integrate business governance between the company. Administrators at ALDI decide on job allocation, as well as aspects of the work development and services. Upper-level management preserves the firm’s strategy and structure, which results in organizational performance and better embed sustainability inside ALDI.

Since the firm was formed in 1958 under Wilbert (Bill) L. Gore, a chemical engineer who departed DuPont to develop a corporation where the invention was the primary show instead of a sideshow, Gore’s innovative process model has indeed been ahead of the times. One indicator of Gore’s innovation-fueled adaptability: the company has never lost money in its fifty-year history.

The Merits and Limitations Of These Concepts When Applied To The W. L Gore And ALDI Organisational Contexts

Merits And Limitations Of Organisational Structure


ALDI has a structured hierarchy inside the company, with top managers, medium managerial, and lower-tier staff.

The Gore organizational structure allows colleagues to be autonomous in various work processes. It adds additional regulation, allowing employees to be much more efficient.


ALDI makes gradual decisions. A tall firm’s judgment and communication procedure take much longer, and it is of lower quality than a flat organization.

Talent management, developing salary and incentives systems, evaluating and motivating people, and implementing policy are all issues for a lattice organization in Gore.

Merits And Limitations Of Organizational Culture


ALDI culture is critical because it can impact worker activities and operations’ operations without enforcing procedures and controls.

According to Charles Handy, the GORE can be defined as having a strong culture with few regulations and low regulations.


This saves ALDI money and allows them to keep their culture, and it restricts creativity and concepts, fosters stereotypes, and hinders projects and ideas.

The Gore culture is not balanced with such a drive for efficiency and true confidence in coworkers to decide things, and this becomes a justification to pummelled coworkers with whom one may differ.

Merits And Limitations Of Organisational Leadership


ALDI’s leaders are often production-oriented and work-oriented, emphasizing mission achievement and technological parts of the organization.

GORE is led by a democratic process that encourages discussion and judgment.


There are several difficulties with ALDI’s leadership, including such violent or indifferent subservient attitude.

Gore’s lattice organization structure is distinguished by self-management because it lacks a framework and established leadership.

Merits And Limitations Of People Management


ALDI maintains strong managerial power and controls centralized, with system operations used only to integrate business processes between the upper and lower parts of the company.

Gore personnel management is linked with the marketing strategy and increases staff efficiency to help the company succeed.


There’s nobody in the organization of ALDI who is equipped to perform worker conflicts and disciplinary procedures. An employee getting away with all sorts since the manager is inexperienced in dealing with these circumstances.

In Gore, relying solely on computerized employee assessments might result in generic performance reports that fail to consider a worker’s efforts to learn future tasks.

Issues around Employee Control and Employee Autonomy As Presented In the Case Studies

As stated by Wraas and Dahle (2020) stated that poor control and employee autonomy are important areas of a global business. In both Aldi and W.L Gore & Associates, Inc, the issues with employee management are present.

In the case of Aldi, employee autonomy is denoting employee freedom, which is affecting the decision-making process. Moreover, employee control is also denoting the employees’ organizational restriction that is affecting the power centralization.

Mechanistic Versus Organic organizational structure: Aldi

(Source: Created by Author)

On the other hand, W.L Gore & Associates is facing issues due to its power culture, which negatively affects the entire business as long as its performance value gets hampered too; moreover, the poor company culture affects employee engagement concept.

GORE and Associates, Inc. Culture

(Source: Created by Author)

Part 2



Organizations must strive to recruit, nurture, and keep the brightest individuals in the international marketplace, characterized by retrenchment, offshoring, and acquisitions (Lewis, 2019). Leadership could have a substantial influence on a company’s reputation, thus having organizational leaders is important. In crises or fast transitions, leadership is essential to provide purpose, guidance, inventiveness, and enthusiasm.

ALDI’s leadership style can be categorized astransactional and bureaucratic, with upper-level officials making decisions and information being passed down to the staff. TheContingency Theory of Leadership,based on a contextual orientation, must be adopted by ALDI. Madlock (2018) asserts that a leader’s efficacy is unrelated to his or her talents. The leadership process is influenced by external variables such as the environment, culture, and social connections. The manager’s competencies or capabilities stay constant, even though the circumstance changes. As a result, a leader’s performance is dependent on his or her style suiting the environment rather than adjusting to it. When a leader’s characteristics and leadership styles are compatible with the circumstance and context in which he finds himself, he can be highly effective (Williamset al., 2017). The leader must practice interacting with colleagues, staff, floor workers, and the intrinsic and extrinsic structure to implement this. In this practice, collaboration should be emphasized. Teams have been proven to be less susceptible to inconsistency, capable of making better judgments in adverse conditions, and capable of outperforming financially (Kulkarni, 2017).

Emotional intelligence is commonly recognized as an important aspect of successful leadership. The capacity to be presciently aware of oneself and their emotions and strong contextual awareness may be a great asset for commanding a team (Serrat, 2017). Emotional intelligence is defined as recognizing, comprehending, and responding to sentiments and the ability to manage stressful situations and be conscious of how a leader’s statements and actions influence others. According to Goleman and Boyatzis (2017), “Being equipped to link emotional intelligence habits and difficulties to job success is a huge help in establishing a strong team.” Communication breakdowns, which cause disengagement, are a prevalent cause of retention difficulties. Employees are inspired and encouraged by leaders who apply the EI approach.


Figure Factors affecting emotional intelligence

(Source: Goleman, 2021)

The five components of emotional intelligence are depicted in the diagram above. Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation (described as “enthusiasm for labor which extends beyond wealth and prestige), empathy for others, and social skills, including the ability to manage relationships and establish partnerships, are among these characteristics (Goleman, 2021). These capabilities are necessary for a leader to comprehend the emotional context and provide guidance to his or her followers.

ALDI must adopt “transformational leadership”to characterize its leadership style. Transformative leaders use motivation, emotional intelligence, and dedication to develop a direction for the organization’s transformation. Through attaining adherents, transformational leaders establish increased performance standards. Transformative and imaginative leaders have traits such as strengthening social behavior, fostering interaction, and addressing employee sentiments and well-being (Andrianiet al., 2018). ALDI must prioritize these traits since they have a major influence on the company’s performance.

ALDI employs a work-oriented technique known as“Hard Human Resource Management.”The organization must prioritize employee performance and employees’ well-being. Profit-driven decision-making routinely overlooks morally important parties and leads to reckless behavior regarding ethical concerns with a cost.ALDI must employ ‘Humanistic Management,‘ which emphasizes economic prosperity and a humanistic approach (Fernandez and Rainey, 2017). Humanistic management abilities are important for long-term stable growth in a dynamic environment and increase human integrity.

Managers and business executives at ALDI should communicate moral concerns similarly in which they discuss profits. These will change the organization’s HRM from“Mechanistic to Humanistic.” Humanistic management’s “Market Principle” involves operational synchronization via individual activity rather than top-down authority (Suddaby and Foster, 2017). By combining market control elements with hierarchical structures to develop the hybrid system, ALDI can make better decisions and reduce the number of layers of administration.

Human Resource Planning (HRP)is the practice of predicting a firm’s future human resource needs and identifying how the firm’s present human resource capability may be used to meet those requirements (Samwel, 2018). As a result, it concentrates on the fundamental economic idea of demand and supply concerning its human resource capability.ALDI must adopt the HRP of employee retentionthrough initiatives including career path scheduling, reimburse and perks; also getting involved in operational methodologies such as training, re-deployment, or re-location to ensure that employees progress in the proper direction by implementing standards, better performance appraisals, and the advancement of employee-employer connections, as recommended by Khalid and Nawab (2018). Employee happiness, emotional engagement to work, and efficient collaboration are just a few of the benefits.

The organizational structure of ALDI is hierarchical, with a vertical line of authority. As per Leroyet al.(2018), The framework of an organization has a significant impact on its functioning and success. ALDI seems to use the Rational Goal Model structure, with performance and wealth as the highest criterion for organizational performance. The result of this strategy is a clearer sense of productivity direction. As a result, ALDI must follow the ‘Human Relations Model’ approach. The connection between a firm’s human resources is known as a human relation. It includes the management-employee connection as well as the employer-employee interaction. It moreover includes the human resource department’s interaction with outsiders. The approach focuses on cognitive aspects of the organizational operation to improve organizational effectiveness. A horizontal structure seems to be more successful than a vertical or hierarchical system related to performance assessment, as highlighted by Paauwe and Boon (2018). As a result, ALDI must reduce the number of hierarchy levels in its administrative structure.

The importance of organizational culture in terms of performance cannot be overstated. ALDI can employ the notion of“organisational benevolence,”which entails establishing a division or group with authority to overturn other policies if they are deemed inappropriate (Jahanzebet al., 2020). Embracing the organization’s benevolence can result in a workplace atmosphere that is supportive, compassionate, courteous, and reliable. This can result in an increase in knowledge-based activities at ALDI. Managers rarely possess all of the skills required to handle organizational issues. Employees at all layers of organizations must instead offer knowledge and suggestions in favor of the organizations to flourish.


WL GORE’s administrative framework is lattice, with no tiers of hierarchy. Staff at the organization control whatever they perform, and the company has allowed them to engage in decision-making. There are several flaws with this approach, such as a lack of clarity in the line of authority and individuals that lack essential managerial abilities. Employees clash since they feel unappreciated by the organization as they struggle to transition from management to non-managerial responsibilities. As a result, GORE must employ the notion of “Self-managed Teams.”The concept of a self-managing enterprise should aid in the reduction of unofficial hierarchies from within the company (Lee and Edmondson, 2017).

The firm might provide for staff training to teach them about the benefits of working as a team and as mentioned by Paauwe and Farndale (2017), Operating as a team offers several benefits, including clear interaction, trust, and flexibility, the elimination of costly levels of control and administration, and the ability to discuss solutions for the company. A peer-to-peer grading system is in place at the firm, which might lead to internal disagreements. The management can use a financial and non-monetary compensation system to encourage employees and boost their productivity. This should assist GORE in achieving its strategic objectives. WL GORE should also implement the “Open System Model and Functional Structure.”It can provide the organization with the ability to innovate and respond to external constraints (Smarzhevskiy and Solovev, 2020). The organizational culture will be inventive and adaptable; therefore, the organization’s goals may be fulfilled.

By analyzing the major issues of WL GORE, it can be mentioned that the organization needs to implement some practical training and educational programs for the employees to empower them and enhance their skills and knowledge about working in a team. As per Sanyal and Hisam (2018), Teamwork is very significant for the organizational performance and flow of information and knowledge and attaining a better output. Cooperation will also generate a robust communication system among the employees and leaders, and managers by creating flexibility in the work environment that will enhance the motivation and loyalty of the employees. It will thereby increase organizational performance and productivity.

The peer-to-peer ranking system is very disadvantageous and causes many conflicts and problems among the employees. Therefore the company can implement non-monetary and monetary incentives, reward and award facilities, and performance-based payment and incentive systems for encouraging the employees to provide their best efforts for the organizational success by achieving the goals. These methods will also motivate the employees by boosting their performance and productivity level. The employees need to be provided with fair, just, timely, and performance-based payments for enhancing their trust and loyalty towards the organization. It also helps in increasing job satisfaction and prevents the employees from leaving the company (Nuckols, 2017).

Mazzei, Butera, and Quaratino (2019) defined the Communication gap as an important issue that the company needs to eradicate by following an effective communication system in the workplace. Effective communication systems in the workplace can generate strong relationships between the manager and the employees. The relationships among the employees, managers, and leaders can also create trust and loyalty to remain flexible with the workplace environment and think freely and innovatively to boost their creativity and productivity.

According to Siyalet al. (2021), leaders need to possess power and capability to increase the employees’ positivity, productivity, creativity, and satisfaction with the help of innovation. By analyzing and identifying significant challenges and problems of the workers, the leaders can motivate employees. Open system models and functional structures can be implemented to empower the company to adopt innovative frameworks. Innovative capacities in the company can eliminate different environmental challenges that will also develop a better organizational culture. Flexible and creative culture in the organization can also help the corporate managers and leaders and the employees meet the goals and objectives effectively. Apart from that, Autonomy can also be another good feature for the organization to allow the employees and the team members to think freely and innovatively to provide their creative ideas for organizational success by eliminating different challenges and risks. Open innovation is also another factor that can help the employees become proactive and innovative to create and establish new methods for upgrading the existing condition and overcome several challenges they face.

Burcharth, Knudsen, and Sndergaard (2017) stated that Autonomy would also help the employees consult with the upper-level managers and leaders in different matters to get an effective suggestion or decision making. It will thereby help in gaining knowledge and skills. The skills and accountability of the employees about effective decision making will also be highly beneficial by implementing the autonomy process and letting the employee think freely. The organizational leaders and managers can allow the participation of the employees in effective decision-making processes to let them understand their values for corporate development. Their participation in decision-making will also generate their decision-making and problem-solving skills for boosting their productivity and creativity that will be beneficial for the company’s growth.

As per Ipinazaret al. (2021), Matrix organizational culture connects the divisional and functional model structure by enabling a company to reciprocate to the environmental transformation and changes. By implementing this Matrix corporate culture, GORE can bring Innovation and Autonomy to the organization that will create a positive output in the organizational growth and development. This is how this Matrix can also control knowledge management and create a better performing organization by improving the knowledge and skill of the employees with the help of innovation and employee autonomy.

Part 3

Identify the organizational Challenges Facing the Management and Leadership of W. L Gore &Associates, Inc and ALDI over the Next 5 Years


  1. Gore and Associates

According to the understanding of WL. Gore and Associates, an America-based manufacturing organization, states that every manufactured product of the organization is hugely dependent on its innovative fluoropolymer materials, which has helped the company be a market leader in the diverse industry of electronic equipment. However, based on the understanding of the global market environment and its understanding, it can be stated that the market markets of the worldwide area are capable of creating a long-term impact on the business.

The global business environment factors like social have the credibility to create an impact on the business of the Gore in upcoming years as the human capital like their knowledge, understanding, and skill is responsible for making a direct effect on how the company should operate its business (Kaehler and Grundei, 2019). Moreover, the absence of a global leader has created an effect on the organizational value and its productivity level too; furthermore, the employee training needs to be kept strongly in mind to attain a better market value in the upcoming five years.

Another global environmental factor that is creating an impact on the business of Gore is related to technology, as technology is one of the essential areas of organizational growth of upcoming years, and the business structure of Gore is dependent on technological advancement as well. Therefore, based on the global business culture, it can be stated that to enhance the technological value of the manufacturing value of the organization, the company should create a focus on the current innovation and development approach to maintain its business value properly.


Based on the companys background, it can be stated that ALDI is one of the largest retailed industries of Germany, which, based on the understanding of the report analysis, is liable to face different issues from the global business environment. On the other hand, the organizational objective is to sell its products at a comparatively low price around the market. However, in the upcoming five years, the liability of facing organizational threats is defined in the following section in a detailed manner.

The first issue that the organization can face is related to the political aspect as relocating or opening a new store for the organization is always on the verge is an issue as finding the best market along with the proper way of strategizing the marketing plan is hard (Khan, 2017). Furthermore, the local authorities and their collaborations are responsible for creating an impact on the local business relationship; furthermore, predicting the global political future is always tough as people and their political preferences are changing continuously, creating a long-term impact on the business.

Another issue that the organization can face is related to the social factors, as the customers and their demands are changing continuously, which are creating an impact on the business. In the global market, finding out what is precisely the customers needs can be a tricky area to be explored; furthermore, the attainment of the different understanding of employees and employers in the global market can be accountable for creating an impact on the entire business value too (Gilson and Agyepong, 2018). Apart from this, another issue that is responsible for creating an effect on the global business culture of ALDI is related to the fact that due to post COVID19 and its impact, the market will be suffering where the changing market trends and safety measurements will be affecting how the company has until operated its business. Expanding the business in the global area keeping the pandemic consequences will be difficult to do.

Another threat that the organization is liable to face in the upcoming five years is related to the economy. Due to pandemics, the countries have suffered a huge loss, which will impact the business value and culture. In the upcoming five years, the number of competitors will be increasing, which are potential of creating a direct effect on the work culture of ALDI; furthermore, keeping all these factors in mind, it can be stated that in the global business culture of ALDI will be facing a significant impact from the economic aspects (Kok and McDonald, 2017).

Another global business factor, like the legal area, is capably creating an impact on the business of ALDI, as the company is known for operating its business in a difficult legal form related to GmbH and Co. KG, which is creating an impact on the business and will be affecting its upcoming five years business strategy, too; based on this legal structure, the company is known for hiring only short-term employees. Still, in the global employment of the future, this aspect will be negatively affecting the business.

Another global business aspects related to the environment is creating a direct effect on the organizational culture of Aldi; in future, the waste management and sustainable development will be playing a significant role, and keeping this factor in mind, the organization should plan its strategies and procedures moreover depending on this approach attainment of a developed and environment-friendly business can be created for drawing a positive impact on the work culture as well (Morrow, Goreham and Ross, 2017).

Therefore, based on the understanding of global business factors like politics, economy, social, technology, environment, and legal are equally and effectively liable to impact the entire organizational management of companies like W.L Gore & Associates, Inc and ALDI in the upcoming five years.

Strategic Recommendations for the Next Phase of W.L Gore &Associates, IncandALDIs Development

W.L Gore & Associates

To deal with the issues of W.L Gore & Associates, Inc, the implementation of the employment training and development programs needs to be included to enhance the skill and knowledge of the employees for managing the global business factors and their impacts on the upcoming five years with utmost efficiency. Furthermore, the employees need to e kept motivated in the work culture to attain a positive result which can be done based on the employee compensation strategy, which will be establishing a fair and equal structure for the company and its employees. Moreover, developing an accurate communication strategy can be used too. On the other hand, the implementation of corporate and social responsibility in the work culture needs to be considered, too, as, based on this, the organization can deal with the post COVID19 impact with utmost effectiveness. Furthermore, CSR will balance the harmony and portability between the stakeholders from bringing a positive impact on the organization.

Apart from this, W.L Gore & Associates can accurately implement an HRM model to manage long-term organizational success.

HRM Model

(Source: Msafiri, 2021)


Based on the understanding of Aldi and its global environment, it can be stated that it will be the main threat from the market expansion strategy. To deal with that, the company needs to implement a strategy related to Customer Relationship Management and Employee Organization Relationship theory as based on this aspect. The company will be able to focus on different factors like employee engagement, employee trust, and social development, which initiates the energy and involvement of the customers in a positive manner.

Concept of Employee Organizational Relationship and Employee Engagement

(Source: Goodman, 2019)

To get a clear idea of the resource-based view of the future global environment, Aldi needs to use the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) theory in its work culture. The areas that can be well managed with the help of this organizational theory are sustainability, communicating vision, creating a sustainable workplace, developing the people, and reallocating the resources.

Strategic Human Resource Framework

(Source: Hossain, 2018)




Based on the understanding of the research report, it can be stated that in current years, the importance of employee management is increasing day by day as it directly impacts the organizational culture and its value. Moreover, the research report further suggests that companies like W.L Gore & Associates, Inc` and ALDI deal with massive employee management issues that directly affect work management. The research presentation further defines the importance of the mentioned case studies in a detailed manner to learn about how employee management can be positive. Furthermore, the people and employee management of any work culture are responsible for creating a direct impact on the entire understanding of how the performance of the organizations can be better in a positive manner mostly.

On the other hand, another study area explored in the research report is related to organizational governance, which can be used to implement strategies for dealing with employee management issues with utmost efficiency. Apart from this, the report analyzes issues that can directly impact the company within the upcoming five years and depend on different strategic theories. It provides recommendations for them as well. Based on the final statement of the report, it can be stated that the organizational environment is responsible for creating a work culture that motivates and positively encourages every employee to attain a better performance evaluation which creates a direct impact on the entire company result profitably.




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