Health and Social Care Setting Knowledge


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Health and Social Care Setting Knowledge
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I will be working as a healthcare executive in Health and Social Care. The role of a health care executive is very much critical in health care organizations. I must understand organizational theories and settings to work in the healthcare organization. The ultimate advantage of role-playing is critical thinking in health education. Critical thinking provides knowledge to foster debate and dialogue on different subjects, as well as circumstances and possible results. Critical thinking offers many answers to issues and too confusing situations. Critical thinking also enables pupils to acquire an understanding of empathy. Being able to experience a variety of simulated scenarios and situations allows students to learn more about how the patient is like and why it is so essential to have patience, understanding and privacy. The main objective is to discover possibilities for employment in the health and social sector, develop and analyze up-to-date curricula and apply for appropriate work and consider the future experience in the field of learning.

Organizational theories

According to Warrick (2017), there are many methods to organizational analysis to the theory of organisations. Organizations have been described as social entities that consist of individuals managed to fulfil organizational requirements, achieve common objectives and adapt to a changing organisation. At the beginning of the 20th-century organisation ideas first became more logical and varied. According to Max Weber’s bureaucratic theory, such a framework was essential to the structural performance of all work by a large number of workers in big companies. Moreover, selection and promotion occur solely with the use of technical capabilities in a bureaucratic organisation. It is an excellent model for management and management that focuses on the power structure of an organisation. With these findings, he establishes the fundamental concepts of bureaucracy, emphasizing labour division, hierarchy, regulations and impersonal relationships.

Our healthcare organisation, based on skills or functional expertise, divides activities into basic, regular divisions. Every worker is accountable for what he/she does best and understands what he/she is supposed to do (Elsbach and Stigliani, 2018). The organisation gains immediately from separating tasks based on specialism. Each department has a certain authority. Managers in our organisation, where each management layer is accountable for its employees and overall workflow, are organized in hierarchical lays. There are numerous hierarchical roles in bureaucratic organizational systems. This is a trademark and bureaucracy’s basis.

All personnel are chosen based on technical abilities and skills gained via training, training and experience. One of the fundamental concepts is that workers be paid and that their wage level depends on their role. Their contractual terms and conditions should be defined according to the organization’s regulations and standards and the worker has no share in the business. As per the viewpoint of Fitria (2018), to guarantee consistency, formal norms and criteria are needed so that workers know precisely what they expect from them. Regulations and regulations may be regarded as predictable in this sense. Regulations and explicit standards in our health care organisations establish distant and impersonal interactions between workers with the added benefit of avoiding nepotism or participation by outsiders or policies. This connection of impersonality is a major characteristic of bureaucracies.

Organizational structure

A structure of organisations describes how activities are designed to accomplish organizational objectives, including allocating tasks, coordinating and supervising them. The corporate structure influences organizational activity and lays the basis on which standard operations and routines are based. It defines what people are involved and to what degree their opinions influence the behaviour of the organisation in which decision-making procedures. The corporate structure may also be seen as the looking glass or viewpoint through which people look at their company and their surroundings. Our healthcare organization follows a Bureaucratic organizational structure, that follows the norms, processes and rules that are regarded essential when managing the business.

El Talla et al. (2018) commented that the largest and most complicated governmental and commercial organisations have a bureaucratic structure, and knowing the bureaucratic structure will enable them to comprehend how the government and major companies’ function. There are two basic features of an organization’s bureaucratic structure. The structure is hierarchical, meaning that the levels of management are organized where the lower levels are subordinated or accountable to the upper ones. Secondly, the organisation must be controlled as the foundation of power and direction by a set of objective laws, rules and procedures. This aspect was termed reasonable and lawful by Max Weber. Employees of bureaucracy offer their allegiance to an organisation since their offices or official positions are exercised by management and the instructions are based on the organization’s formal norms or regulations (Madi et al. 2018). The extent of the power of the manager is restricted to his position. The recruitment procedure is structured and includes job-specific testing in a bureaucratic organisation. Promotions are merit-based, not seniority-related. Employees are highly skilled thus hundreds of job titles may be available for this kind of business.

Organizational Culture

Organizational healthcare culture is a metaphor for some of healthcare organizations’ softer and less apparent characteristics and how they appear in care models. The study of organizational practices stems from the methods of social anthropologists to the study of indigenous people: the two attempt to disentangle the dynamics of “tribes,” unknown. This re-application of the concepts of culture to organisations frequently smuggles the belief that cultures may successfully repair the past deficiencies and create desired future results (El Talla et al. 2018). This perspective requires some critical examination, which examines a more complex explanation of healthcare organizational culture. The values and ideas that justify and maintain the above apparent manifestations and their related actions as well as the rationales that make things happen differently include shared thinking methods. These may include the dominant beliefs on patient needs, autonomy and dignity, notions of proof of action, and hopes of safety, quality, clinical performance and improving service (Lomas et al. 2018).

Ethical principal

Due to the changing healthcare environment, the four principles of the ethics of healthcare have been developed to assist professionals in the field of patient care. These values include autonomy, charity, non-maliciousness and fairness. Both have a distinct goal, but the four goals are to empower you as an individual and guarantee that patients get high quality, ethical healthcare (FitzGerald and Hurst, 2017). The practice of autonomy impedes the possibility of healthcare providers coercing or convincing patients to adopt a particular action or treatment plan which may not be of best benefit to them. Ideally, self-reliance is designed to enhance patient welfare by enabling the patient to take care of him or her in full.

Brief introduction of the reflective module

The reflecting cycle of Gibbs is a wonderful method to experience it. This may either be an independent event or a regular scenario, for instance, meetings with a team that you have to work with. Gibbs first recommended its application in many circumstances, but also for individual experiences, the steps and concepts apply equally well (Lgar et al. 2018). The Action Plan may become broader if it is made with an independent experience and see how you can apply your findings in the future. The bureaucratic organisation, to the benefit of a joint and desired objective, is tasked with methodical coordination on a greater scale. This organisation requires discipline at all costs since all employees are obligated by the established regulations. Our structure consists of many levels of roles where the superiors, who have greater authority in the plan, run subordinates. The workers are recruited in our company based on their experience, skills and talents. This allows workers to further train, study and specialize in the next level in the success ladder. An administrative organization’s feature is that it assigns work based on an employee’s ability and know-how. Reith (2018), the employees are already aware of the company’s expectations and that is why the division of labour favours this kind of corporate structure. From the outset, every employee must adhere to a set of norms, rules, expectations and criteria. Promotions and appointments are formal in a bureaucratic organisation because all the actions of the workers have responsibility. The payroll system is linked to a salary in a bureaucratic institution.

Feelings at the workplace

The second part of the task is the feeling of the professionals at the moment of the event. I was extremely pleased with the outset to take the duty of the care coordinator and wanted to utilise this chance to build experiences and comprehend my knowledge and abilities. But I was very concerned by the events that happened back to back. I thought that the incompatibility of experts in the team not only does not fulfil the full aims of the multidisciplinary team but would also endanger the patient’s life (Konttila et al. 2019). At the same time, I was puzzled because I couldn’t comprehend how the interdisciplinary team-member can overcome this disaster. I did not comprehend where my job should begin, what efforts should be taken, and how to carry them out. Every day the patient was impacted and it also worried me about her health. I felt powerless in the circumstance and considered for a minute to meet with the higher authority and give it over to any other professional expert, the care coordinator. Nevertheless, I chose to be an escape activity and experts can never shift responsibility to the patient’s health, and not only the organisation. I was courageous in trying to think about what was going on so that I could comprehend the errors that have been made and how the errors may be addressed to guarantee appropriate patient care (Stuijfzand et al. 2020).

Evaluation at the workplace

The description phase is the first stage in the reflection cycle. This phase includes primarily the description of the incident that the medical professionals wanted to consider. Once I was able to become a team leader in the rehabilitation unit because of my excellent clinical abilities, the higher level provided me with an opportunity to establish solid connections with patients. The rehabilitation nurse manager and the care coordinator were not available to handle a case and I was thus given the case where I primarily had to serve as a multidisciplinary team’s care coordinator. After her preliminary treatment in her home yesterday night, a sixty-year-old patient had been moved from the emergency ward to rehabilitation. I was responsible for leading the multidisciplinary team, including three junior nurses, two nursing staff, a physical therapist, a job therapist and a speech therapist, a diet titian, a patient educator, and others. She had both diabetes and soccer, therefore she had to see a pedologist (Bridgeman et al. 2018). When the therapy for the patient was started, the delivery of the afflicted person’s centre and safe patient care were monitored. The relatives of the patient, called to mean, denounced that the physiotherapist and speech therapist came at the same time and discussed the timing before the patient.

Reaction to the situation

Gavin et al. (2020), discussed who was supplying the service and both left the patient without service in only a few minutes. I have been reported to have had a medical mistake when the patient was given the incorrect dosage but, fortunately, the patient had not been significantly impacted. When I questioned the junior caregivers, they reproached each other for not creating documents, other for not making the young caregiver cautious enough and for many other reasons. Not only that, the senior caregivers who were advanced nurses and dieticians were also quite argumentative. There was a lot of dispute. The diarist produced a diagram not followed by senior healthcare professionals and made some adjustments to the patient’s diet. In addition, the younger nurses did not interact with the nurses. Junior nurses have been complaining about their unfair treatment by senior nurses and that their status is not being respected by senior nurses. So, the patient’s attention was not centre or safe and thus the patient could not be satisfied. The members of the family filed complaints and I was instructed to examine the issue urgently.

Learnings from the situation

Benetoli et al. (2018), equivalent values Beliefs and experiences may influence the working position since each person has his values and convictions. It is thus unethical to attempt to impress any other person on your ideals and faith. Beliefs need not be religious or spiritual; they may be a method of knowing or interpreting things that are around us (Colquhoun et al. 2017). The caregiver must be aware that your own opinions on the matter are subconsciously projected to the end-user. I am in charge of giving all people, regardless of their belief, a fair, non-discriminatory, non-judgmental and inclusive service. I must respect that. I am thinking about myself and the way I operate, reflecting on how my workplace job has been fulfilled through studying courses, rules and procedures. My employer also offers classes to enhance my awareness of my learning portfolio. The GSCC Practice Code says that careers:

  • Responsibility for the quality of their work and responsibility for the maintenance of and improvement of their knowledge and abilities.
  • Training for maintaining, enhancing and contributing to the learning of other people.
  • To seek support from your employer or the relevant authorities if you feel unable or sufficiently willing to perform any part of your job or if you are not sure how to work.

If I feel my work performance to be out of my depth, it is my responsibility to report to my senior management so that I may attend the training I have received. I may put myself and others at risk if I am expected to carry out a task for which I am not being trained.


Services or assessments are the sources of assistance in my workplace where my manager or clinical supervisor can recognise how well I should train to enhance my function or which trainings I am planning to complete online, CPD or home courses. I may also advance my knowledge and abilities by looking at more experienced colleagues and working as a team on problems and even on Internet research. I have enhanced my workplace in some areas from training and can notice improvements to my day-to-day working environment. I have become more confident in the things I have learned. Get input from my colleagues on my working methods and how I may improve. I should think about their remarks as well and not take their feedback as hostile. How does my development file for my clinical supervisor indicate which training courses I took and when they and I require updating or renovation? I may reflect on my assessment and ask for any additional training I believe I need to benefit positively from my workplace.


Reflective practices become a key competency that is integrated in clinical practice and CPD and thus the imaging department should grasp the function and possibilities of reflection. It is vital. Various methods of reflection may be addressed in practice; nevertheless, there are obvious obstacles to reflection in imagery, such as time, due to the hectic atmosphere a hospital has or lack of motivation if not undertaken by a large majority of healthcare professionals. In order to improve the treatment of patients, the NHS needs to develop methods on which all medical workers may reflect in their practice. The NHS’ primary objectives are to improved patient care. In order to accomplish this, several steps must be taken into consideration. Reflection enables us to examine our practice to enhance the quality of our job performance. Strengths and weaknesses may also be discovered through reflection that can boost the growth of regions.



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