Health and Safety in Learning Environment


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Health and Safety in Learning Environment
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1.1 Identification of the legislation in relation to health and safety in a learning environment

HASAWA 1974 aka Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974is the primary piece of legislation, that covers the occupational or Health & Safety Work Act (HSWA) 1974 both interchangeably used, is the piece of legislation, for covering all the aspects of safe and healthy in a learning environment in the UK (Hale and Booth, 2019). The entire education and learning system in fact revolves around this piece of legislation. The act governs all the relevant H7S policies and procedures in any working and learning environment. The act was later amended in 1999 and emphasised how workers and individuals in a learning environment could do even more than what they are currently doing to minimise the H&S risks (Clark, 2020). How the Facilitation of HASAWA and how it could possibly be incorporated in a practical environment is what the act and the piece of legislation primarily states. In terms of schools or any learning environment, education on H&S policies is provided o all the relevant and members and staff to ensure that are able to play the roles of Child protection, fire or even first aid to the learners present in that environment (Ferris, 2021).

1.2 Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments.

Some of the most relevant factors that are required to be taken into account while planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environment are having the perfect number of ratios of staff to then people, the health requirements of the individual/children, risks assessment and hazards report on time, and even meeting individual needs effectively. For the indoor environment, having the perfect temperature checking, and maintenance for the indoor environment is definitely required (Baggaley et al. 2019). Having sufficient furniture and effective tools and equipment are definitely important and while maintaining c needs such as washroom facilities and drinking facilities, these primary things are definitely important and required to be taken into consideration to maintain the indoor environment. Having the safety measures, such as lockable doors are definitely an important aspect of the indoor environment. For the outdoor environment, safety and security, effective areas to be selected to avoid any sorts of hazards such as wet ground, grassy or slippery areas or stones (Aronson and Green, 2019). The aspect of removing any sorts of litters or any sorts of rubbish that could be detrimental for mobility or for any sorts of movement would require to be monitored for the outdoor environment. Having enough light or even natural light is required for an outdoor environment, something that would help people navigate accordingly (Clark, 2020).

1.3 Explain how health and safety are monitored and maintained in the learning environment.

In a learning environment, having consistent and relevant maintenance of the H&S factors efficiently is definitely required for an overall improvement of the learning environment. Monitoring the H&S policies and how it is been applied to the practical learning environment by the employees, effectively ensure that the people in that learning environment are well taken care of (Asbury, 2018). For instance, having a proper induction booklet, or keeping all the learners safe in the education or learning environment, safe children and safe school, safe stuff code of conduct is some of the most relevant requirements that need to be inconsistent with the learning environment practices (Baggaley et al. 2019). Post delivering the induction booklet, the volunteers and including all the staff are required to showcase that they have an understanding of all the H&S requirements and all the policies and procedures in the presence of the trainers (van Vendeloo et al. 2018). With the help of the assistant or headteacher or any tutor in that learning environment, the process of induction is to be conducted effectively and making sure that the various other H&S policies are also applied onto the learning environment such as the building, playground or even the adventure ground and so on (Perez et al 2019).

2.1. Identify potential risks and hazards in a learning environment.

Hazards and risks in a learning environment are some of the most frequent possibilities, given some of the most complicated areas are often involving the environment (Ferris, 2021). It is why the aspect of making sure that the risks and hazards are well identified and awareness on the same is made effectively something that would contribute to the developments of the effective identification of the risks and hazards (Baggaley et al. 2019). Some of the frequently occurring risks and hazards are slipping, tripping or even falling something that happens seldom in a learning environment. Wet floors, carpets that are slippery or ground that enable individuals walking on them to trip are very common and involves risks in a learning environment (Aronson and Green, 2019). Manual handling is quite frequent in a learning environment and that involves a lot of risks and hazards. For instance, poor posture, or lifting heavy loads and weights something that could potentially bring some bad consequences (Clark, 2020). Working at a height is also another aspect that involves risks and hazards in a learning environment. Using inappropriate equipment to perform these kinds of works are some of the reasons why occurrence of risk and hazard involving incidents are frequent in a learning environment (van Vendeloo et al. 2018).

3.1. Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management.

Planning for a risk management is definitely one of the crucial aspects for any kinds of environment, it is definitely one of the most relevant areas that are required to be monitored and keep under proper considerations of how things are to be monitored effectively (Bernardi, 2019). Having a proper risk management prepares the environment for the unexpected or the events that arrive unannounced (Perez et al 2019). It helps to reduce the consequences or the negative impacts of the hazards and risks and help minimise the costs of reducing or minimising the risks. With an effective consideration of all the potential risks an event that involve hazards way before they happen, something that allows to have an effective risk management plans that allows the organisation to save their future, finance and values (Baggaley et al. 2019). It also helps to have a balances approach in terms of handling the risks effectively and create a balanced organisational environment something that does lead to the developments of effective organisation management and effective developments of the overall system, effectively (Clark, 2020).

3.2. Explain the dilemma between the rights and choices of children and you people, and health and safety requirements.

In any environment, the aspect of making sure that the children and any people are able to rightfully take decisions, and effectively try out new experiences effectively with the aspect of learning and developing by making the right choices (Asbury, 2018). But at times, in the area of health and safety requirements, some of those choices and decisions are always not skilfully amended or even effectively supported because of the existing restrictions or any sort of guidance that are required to eb followed in the fulfilment of the health and safety requirements (Aronson and Green, 2019). Therefore, having the right amount of balance between the choices and rights if people and children and health-safety requirements are the only decent and effectively way to keep all the existing dilemmas away (Perez et al 2019). For instance, a disabled child is required to eb having freedom to play and effectively grow like any other kid but however, keeping them safe and having all the relevant safety measures ae much more relevant than any other kid, there is a clear dilemma in that. However, having a well-controlled environment would allow the child to be encouraged and play effectively while grow and still be safe and be healthy during the process (Baggaley et al. 2019).

3.3. Write 2 examples of ways to support children and young people to assess and manage risk in a learning environment.

  1. Frist of all by trusting them and allowing them to take decisions and supporting them wholeheartedly would definitely help improve the situation much effectively (Boyle, 2019). This way the kids would be encouraged to take all the decisions, on their own and that would provide them some sort of autonomy and a sense of growth in managing risk in a learning environment. It is very likely that the this would push the children to confront the risk and hazards in a learning environment and effectively learn and assess the practices of risk management skills consistently would give them confidence that would help them in the long run (Bernardi, 2019).
  2. By allowing the children to have no physical boundaries and yet allowing them to showcase their sense of personal judgment in situations that involve risks and hazards, it is very important that the children are able to have their personal judgement and able to identify the situations that involve risks and hazards in a learning environment (Baggaley et al. 2019). Allowing them to use that mental area and constantly embracing them in the way they are would help them grow effectively and continue to create this sense of developments within themselves effectively and would create a consistent development of the childrens mind effectively (van Vendeloo et al. 2018).

4.1. Explain the policies and procedures of the learning environment in response to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness.

The policies and procedures in a learning environment, UK the aspect of making sure that the learners are well taken care of and taken into consideration if anybody is concerned with illness, emergencies or even incidents (Perez et al 2019). In a learning environment, if a student or a learner gets injured, sick, fallen under emergency or faced an accident, the first thing teacher would do is to ensure to provide relevant aid to the students concerned (Gruppen et al. 2018). If that does not solve it, from initial stage of providing aid, calling for an emergency or asking for extra or additional medical assistance would be an important aspect of the policies and procedures in that learning environment. Having a member on the side to make sure that they are primarily trained to provide primary aids and medical services to the students/learners concerned and provide the relevant medical help that they require (Ferris, 2021).

4.2. Explain the correct procedures for recording and reporting accidents, incidents, injuries, signs of illness and other emergencies.

Checking effectively if there is any immediate dangers or risks involved would be the primary step to consider (Asbury, 2018). After that ensuring all the people involved in that incidents are able to receive appropriate medical assistances and have all the necessary requirements fulfilled without any inconveniences (Clark, 2020). Reporting to the manager effectively or making sure that the supervisors are informed effectively would eb the next step to consider while reporting any incidents involves risk and hazards. Having all the records of the incidents that occurred in the organisational log book would be an important step in the entire procedure to have an effective assessment of the incident later. It would help have an outline of the incidents that could be used as reference later in the future. Finally reporting those incidents under the act of RIDDOR aka The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (Boyle, 2019).

5.1. Outline the organisational policies and procedures for the management of the administration of medication.

TheMedicinesAct (1968) is the piece of organisational policy and procedure legislation that attempts to make new provision with respect to medicinal products and related matters (Bernardi, 2019). It generally governs all the administration of medication within the organisational or in any general environments both use of medicines for the humans and also for veterinary purpose (Aronson and Green, 2019). The legislation includes the policies and procedures for manufacturing and supplying the medicines and effectively sales and distribution of the same (Baggaley et al. 2019). It allows the aspect of consumers or the end user sot receive medicines that are safe and effective and yet receive the medicines in an acceptable quality something that would help gain the areas of medicinal prescriptions to get effectively conducted and the administration of the medication and the classification of the same would be effectively conduced (Asbury, 2018).



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1.1. Describe milestones in children’s holistic development from birth to 19 years.

Birth to one, it is the stage where the babies become of their surroundings and different sensation would make them aware of their existence. They would learn to make associations and recognise their parent effectively (Mitchell et al. 2018). One to 3 years is the stage where crawling and much more physical movements are involved and arrangement of objects and move or shift things with their fingers and sitting effectively without any support are some of the instances of their holistic developments. Three to four years, is the stage where running, climbing or recognising a lot many more things are some of the most effective aspect of the holistic developments of the children (Holding et al. 2021). Four to five is the stage where avoiding obstacles, having good balance, coordination or even forming letters, recognising colours effectively are some of the instance of their developments. Seven to twelve is where they learn to kick and able to use and start showing their individual interests and handle specific equipment such as scissors and indulge in conversations with their friends (Green, 2020). Twelve to sixteen is the stage where they develop, mature and grow and experience puberty. Finally, sixteen to nineteen is when adulting begins and girls reach physical maturity where boys continue to grow till their mid-20s (Bishop and Corkery, 2017).

2.1. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of biological factors

Biological factors play an important role in ensuring the developments of the children and young individuals (Wood and Selwyn, 2017). They play some of the most crucial role sin influencing the growth and development of the young and children. Gender is definitely one of the factors that do come into the paly that affect the aspect of developments (Sohn et al. 2019). For instance, boys learn and develop things a lot differently than girl do. They are also most likely to mature and develop slower than girls and have lower level of school readiness. The genes and the structure of chromosomes are some of the most effective biological structure that also influence the developments amongst the children and young individual (Rogers, 2017). Apart from genetics, the aspect of nutrition that is another relevant aspect of how the children or the young children are able to gather developments into their consideration with the help of such biological factors. For instance, nutrition decides how a kid would grow and how they would develop further (Modin et al 2019).

2.2. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors.

The environment is one of the most essential aspect of the childrens and young individuals developments. It is very likely that the children and the young people are affected by the environment something that is their immediate environment (Mitchell et al. 2018). IT involves the surrounding in which they grow up and how their ambience is and how that affect their developments. The socio-economic aspect is another external influence on the developments of children and young individuals (Manning et al. 2017). The socio-economic background influences the children and young indivisible to grow differently based on how different their socio-economic status is and that helps them decide to have an effective developmental aspect of how they grow. The aspect of cultural background is another factor that does influence the children and young individual in their developments. Education bis another crucial element that does decide the aspect of their developments. For instance, a kid with nominal exposure to education is most likely to develop differently than a kid with enough scope of acquiring education (Holding et al. 2021).

2.3. Explain how theories of development and educational frameworks influence current practice

Use of theories and educational framework help the assessor or the tutor or even the teacher to have an outline of what are the primary things that they need to consider (Green, 2020). Based on that they are able to conduct the practices into the learning environment and that helps the children and young individuals to receive some of the most effective aspect of the how to stay effective while receiving education (Bishop and Corkery, 2017). The theoretical understandings and framework help to monitor and service the current practices accordingly and it also in a way elevated the standards effectively something that does increase the importance of what it means to have an effective education process that would generate better integrated learning experiences and would provide the children and the young individuals with effective learning aspects that they would eb able to use for future to overcome some of the most complicated life events that most of us experiences. The practices of the tutors with the help of the theories and framework would only elevate the aspect of practice to a new improved level (Wood and Selwyn, 2017).

3.1. Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods

Some of the most effective ways and methods to monitor the children and young peoples developments are observation is where effective monitoring and keeping steady and consistent interests would help with the monitoring process to get conducted effectively (Sohn et al. 2019). Assessing body language is another aspect that is to be considered something that would help the monitoring the children and young people effectively (Rogers, 2017). Assessing behaviour and moods of the young individual and children would also be another reflective method to monitor their developmental process effectively. Use of written record is also another considerable process something that could possibly help to have an effective progression in written process (Modin et al 2019). Use of assessment framework would also elevate the standards of the monitoring process and would also in a way make the monitoring process much more convenient and would help to develop the overall development without any hindrances. Information collected form the parents and the carers and conducing standards measurements would also be effective for the overall developments of the monitoring process (Mitchell et al. 2018).

3.2. Identify how other professionals and different types of interventions can promote positive outcomes for children and young people where development is not following the expected pattern.

Special education coordinator is another effective intervention that does fail to follow the expected pattern at times where having enough credible resources and effective aspects to support the while process is not very easy (Manning et al. 2017). Therefore, providing and fulfilling all the effective requirements of the effective intervention is definitely something that does require some credible developments. Advanced and additional learning is something that is effectively conducted to contribute to the developments of the children and young individuals (Holding et al. 2021). However, with the aspect of not having any significant aspect effective resources and credible or suitable individuals who would be able to provide the advanced learning experiences to the children do fail to follow the educational patterns something that does lead to the development of in-effective assessment of the situation (Green, 2020). A psychiatrist or a counsellor is definitely one of the may integral aspect of learning experience. They influence an integrate the learning experience for both children and young individuals. However, not having enough psychological assistance and effective aid to improve the counselling process or the treatment is definitely why the expected pattern breaks to follow (Bishop and Corkery, 2017).



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Wood, M. and Selwyn, J., 2017. Looked after children and young peoples views on what matters to their subjective well-being.Adoption & Fostering,41(1), pp.20-34.


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Each paper is composed from scratch, according to your instructions. It is then checked by our plagiarism-detection software. There is no gap where plagiarism could squeeze in.

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Free-revision policy

Thanks to our free revisions, there is no way for you to be unsatisfied. We will work on your paper until you are completely happy with the result.

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Privacy policy

Your email is safe, as we store it according to international data protection rules. Your bank details are secure, as we use only reliable payment systems.

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Fair-cooperation guarantee

By sending us your money, you buy the service we provide. Check out our terms and conditions if you prefer business talks to be laid out in official language.

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