Business plan for Nail and Spa Coffee Shop

Business plan for Nail & Spa Coffee Shop


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Business plan for Nail and Spa Coffee Shop
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An event business strategy assists people in focusing on the event’s objectives and mission, demonstrating its financial health and possibilities, and planning the funding and operations structure necessary to attain it. For a business plan, Nail & Spa Coffee Shop hosts a Nail art competition and music competition. Nail & Spa Coffee Shop is indeed a multi-purpose interior facility in 170 Balgreen Rd, Edinburgh EH11 3AU, United Kingdom. A nail art including coffee shop is a specialty nail art parlour with food and beverages establishment that primarily offers nail art services such nail enhancements also including food and beverages as extension.

In this project, we will detail all of the possible sites of interest for the Nail art competition and music competition. The following are some features of project: An executive description of the project’s efforts to help clarify the notion; The purpose of the project introduction is to provide a quick overview of the project’s baseline and what we hope to cover, as well as the venue and type of event we intend to have. The rationale for the project, as well as an indication and justification of the target market, which includes what age group or type of viewer we are targeting, why this point was picked, and what this project indicates; Brief description of staffing requirements, including the number of people needed for the Nail & Spa Coffee Shop to run smoothly. Identification and explanation of how functional and scheduled concerns will be handled during the event is already underway in order to manage all types of delays and problems in the evening events. A risk management plan for the project, which primarily contains the types of hazards that we may face at any moment throughout the event and what could be required to resolve all risks and accomplish the event;Financial feasibility evaluation, such as a budget with most of the tables and data needed to create a financial plan for the event held at Nail & Spa Coffee Shop, as well as the identification and justification of financing sources such as sponsorships, participation tickets, and others.

Overview of the project & Organisational Aims

Why ? The significance of nail art in channelling the rhythm of any event.

This vital component creates experiences, boosts our creativity, and alters overall mood with hot beverages.

Whenever we plan an event, each component is critical.

Music aids in integrating participants into the environment that has been established for people.

Who ? The nail art event is aimed for people of Edinburgh, as well as nail art and spa lovers everywhere.

People between the ages of 16 and 34 are eligible, especially female.

When ?


Where ?

This will take place in the first week of August 2021.


The Nail & Spa Coffee Shop has been the most recent addition to Edinburgh EH11 3AU, United Kingdom.


What ? An evening event for Nail & Spa Coffee Shop .

Organizational aims

Nail & Spa Coffee Shop is the best nail services location in the centre of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Nail & Spa Coffee Shop recognises that getting one’s nails painted should have been a treat. The mission would be to treat all of the ladies and gentlemen with a one-of-a-kind nail art experience that will leave fingernails looking exquisite and revitalised. Since our inception, designers have strived to give as much fun and soothing professional cleaning services as possible. When someone walks into Nail & Spa Coffee Shop, they are welcomed by the cheerful team, who are extremely competent Nail art Specialists who are dedicated to personal attention and complete pleasure while refreshing hands. We recognise that security and cleanliness are critical to customer peace of mind. After every use, the tools are professionally sterilised and sanitized. Queues and folders are mostly used briefly before being deleted. All pedicure operations, including nail art, are performed with waterproof safety. Most of all, personnel are instructed to adhere to a comprehensive sanitization procedure that prioritises customer cleanliness. Hot refreshments also are supplied to improve the mood of customers. The 120 seats within the store provide excellent viewing angles, a stacked and adjustable seating configuration, and the beverages are highly rated.

Brief details of staffing requirements

Human resource management

Planning and estimating the demand for human labour, organising and arranging tasks and assigning them to different departments and roles, putting in place effective communication streams and coordination, and supervising and regulating work productivity are all aspects of human resource management. In an attempt to inspire and retain personnel Human Resource Management performs the administrative tasks of recruiting and choosing personnel, offering initial and continuous training and improvement appraising and rewarding their achievements, and exerting leadership.

This setting presents a complex and dynamic backdrop for Human Resource Management due to specific peculiarities of the events business (Bladen et al., 2017). Human resources are critical to the accomplishment of any event, no matter how big or little it is. Many individuals misjudge the amount of manpower required to arrange an event as well as the numerous aspects that must be coordinated with exact scheduling and preparation. Despite the fact that most firms have an HR department, there are several aspects that are particular to event organization, and human resources experts must assure that these are addressed effectively.

Staff requirement

It’s critical to have the proper individuals in position in advance for the event which can take some time and prior planning to find the proper staff with expertise and credentials, as well as to guarantee that any training requirements are satisfied (Ferdinandand Williams, 2020). It will be required to guarantee that all employees, whether informal, regular, interim, or fixed-term, have correct agreements, are fully reimbursed, and are aware of all HR regulations and practices that pertain to their employment.


Department Position Quantity
All Event director 1
Risk management Security staff 10
Risk management Risk management supervisor 2
Logistics Ticketing staff 3
Logistics Transportation executive 2
Equipment coordination Sound technician 2
Equipment coordination Lighting technician 2
Equipment coordination Nail art equipment coordinators 3
Food coordination Caterers 5
Food coordination Serving staff 10
Marketing and finance Marketing executive 3
Marketing and finance Finance executive 2
Talent management Artists and participants managers 4
Talent management Judge for nail art competition 2

Table. Staff requirement for the event

(Source: Created by author)

The following staff will be required for the event

There is a requirement of dedicated teams to organise and oversee different activities of the event. The management has dedicated short teams for each operational branches of the event. These are the staff that is required to be hired by the HR management team for the successful organization of the Music concert.

Figure. Event team structure

(Source: Created by author)

Event director

According to Shipton et al., (2020), the event director will be responsible for the day-to-day activities throughout the preparation phase and during the event along with the budget, the bits and pieces of operating it, recruiting and overseeing personnel, partner agreements, financial reports, and perhaps more. An administrative staff will be present at the venue, responding to the general manager (Ledger, 2019). The caf owners will make the final choice, however the event director makes and recommends technology, equipment, and staff investment selections.

Ideal characteristics include: delegation of work towards other members of the team, team management, and extensive knowledge of musical events.

Talent bookers

This group should be in charge of programming. As a result, they are critical to the events’s prosperity or failure. They’ll compile artists calendar, work out details about the competition and cultivate partnerships with performers and competition participants (Murray, 2018). Their programming decisions can establish the tone for the event; therefore they play a significant role in drawing new customers as well as sustaining the event and cafs recognition. They will also contact and manage two judges for the nail art competition in the event.

Marketing and finance team

A marketing team is important to the accomplishment of the event in order to entice nail art enthusiasts to purchase tickets, attend in numbers, and invest their time and money at the event.

The marketing officials will be in charge of marketing, public relations, communication, and media platforms (Todze Mosima, 2018). They will also be able to assist with endorsements and collaborations. The marketing department will be responsible to analyse business opportunities and competition and prepare strategy for the future success of this event and caf. Finance team will be made of two people and they will be responsible for handling the budgeting expenses of the event (Sutawidjaya and Nawangsari, 2017).

Equipment coordinators

This crucial position ensures that the event run successfully. Performers, sound maintenance staff, lighting, and stage management are all under the control of equipment coordinators (Nguyen, 2019). The production supervisor may assume some or all of these tasks. For this event, a team of four equipment coordinators will be in charge of the event’s production among which two will be responsible for sound, stage related equipments and other two will oversee nail art competition related equipments (Puska, 2020).

Food coordinators

It is important to have appropriate food and catering arrangement in an event and the significance of food coordinators cannot be ignored. The event will have a total of 12 staff responsible for catering and service of the food items in the event (Manis et al., 2020).

Logistics team

There is a necessity to have a dedicated logistics team for the event. The logistics department will be in charge of coordinating the movement of event items, food, transportation, equipment, and personnel to ensure that they arrive at the event location on time in perhaps the most optimal and cost-effective way possible. For the occasion, they will also keep an eye on the internal and exterior communications (Stamenovi and Kalini, 2020).

Risk management staff

The safety of the spectators must always be considered first. Intrusion and evacuation, determining risk and making mitigation strategies, organising and situating a security staff, and ensuring an effective communication strategy are all responsibilities of the risk management team (Raj, Walters and Rashid, 2017). They will frequently remain in touch with the surrounding law enforcement bodies to ensure safety of the visitors (Wynn-Moylan, 2017).

Recruitment and selection

Staff recruiting is a vital phase for the nail spa coffee shop inauguration event, particularly since it will rely significantly on a small number of staff in the initial few seasons. The inability to connect and motivate prospective staff, as well as disappointment among those recruited, can have a detrimental influence on expectations. This implies that people that were hired may drop out, leaving the event planners scrambling to cover the gaps (Bachman et al., 2017).

The most critical components of the recruiting process are finding the appropriate talent, enticing them, and encouraging people to join. Internally to create connections, and also externally on prominent social networking sites and favoured job openings, the job advertisement will be posted.

Job portals have become increasingly important in linking businesses with prospects as the internet’s use has grown. Job portals will be the predominant way of sourcing qualified and interested applicants for the event. Recruiters will not wish to lose out upon a vast amount of candidates therefore social media platforms are a good location to look for the most eligible, possible hires. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, with their large user bases across the UK, provide an excellent chance to find highly qualified and competitive applicants for the organisation. Job postings will be placed on the event’s official page, and valuable information on recruitment and selection will be published on a regular basis.

The applicants will be screened by comprehensive assessment of their CV, social media accounts and previous work experience. The HR management will conduct one on one or group interviews using video conferencing platforms to select candidates for the positions mentioned above. They will be informed about the employment regulations and all the legal obligations will be fulfilled before inviting them at work.


All volunteers who are selected to work at the event must get specific training. Training would proceed a fortnight preceding the event, however chosen staff will be notified of their responsibilities and functions through email beforehand. The communication will contain the event schedule, location data, and logistical details (Mitu and Antor, 2018). Maintaining constant touch with the chosen employees in the build up to the occasion may assist sustain motivation and increase enthusiasm. This is a critical chore to do since the event crew is very critical to the event through its initial years. Staff members will participate in a pre-event workshop a day before the event to confirm that everyone is informed and understands their tasks. Also it’s crucial for management to remember that many individuals, particularly younger staff, would stay focused if they think they’ll gain significant expertise from their effort. It is critical to ensure that the training provided aids in the evolution of experience and competencies, which is also important for the formation of a robust and capable team for the inauguration event of the nail spa coffee shop (Enam, 2019)..

Identification and explanation of how operational and logistical issues will be dealt with

The event management sector is a truly innovative one in the globe. Not merely is the quantity of Events expanding, but so is the total magnitude of so many of them. In organizing and managing, supervise, and administer creative event such as this inauguration ceremony, some important logistics activities are required (Pourmahmoud and Gholam Azad, 2020). In this respect, “Event Logistics” is among the main significant components of Event Management. Personnel, resources, commodities, information, and so on are all managed by event Logistics throughout the whole process, which includes Pre-Event, during the event, as well as Post-Event (Khairil et al., 2019).

Supply of customers

Marketing and promotion

First and foremost, the promotional scope must be determined. This is significant since logistical planning is influenced by the marketing strategy (Nistor and Nedelcut, 2017). If the event is promoted internationally, logistics refers to the transportation of guests across different parts of the globe. When it relates to national promotion, the motions inside the country must be mapped out and coordinated. As the inauguration ceremony and nail art competition are exclusively advertised in Glasgow, the logistical preparation is limited to the city. The performance will be held at the Nail & Spa Coffee shop, which is located on Stobcross road. As a result, progress toward the coffee shop is critical (Cudny, 2019).


Ticketing an event, especially with limited capacity is an important logistics function that should be carried out with care. The price and issuance of tickets aren’t primarily related to logistics; however distribution, collecting, and safety are the primary logistical considerations (Waterson, 2018). The channels which will be used, web, mail, or even at the entrance; the assortment and handover of tickets at the entrance. Ticket disposal should be used for the delivery and receipt of tickets in the event.


Customers’ initial impressions of an event are formed while arriving and/or queuing. As a result, a bad queue and parking encounter will lead to an unfavourable impression of the event (Robertson, Hutton and Brown, 2018). Visitors will be advised of probable queue peak-times, urging them to arrive early at the concert, and queue time will also be decreased by using online tickets and enrollment. Ticket detectors will be stationed at the venue’s entry in attempt to lessen wait times and eliminate congestion, with staff directing customers and completion participants to the scanners. Finally, the coffee shop has on-site parking, which provides designated parking spaces for disabled individuals.

Customer transportation

The mode and time of transportation, either public or personal, is critical to the Logistics System as a whole. Furthermore, for a momentous occasion such as a nail art competition, maintaining the safe segregation of completion participants, business partners, judges, performers, and guests from traffic while reducing the adverse traffic effect on the Non-Event Communities. Aside from that, the accessibility and transportation costs from and towards the venue, as well as transit inside the facilities including pavilions, will be considered when preparing the logistic plan (Gong et al., 2020). Local traffic officials will be asked to help and signboards will be posted near bus stops and streets offering directions.


The event will take place within and around the Nail & Spa coffee shop. There will be adequate arrangement for sanitization of the entire facilities. There will be specific room set up for the nail art competition and accommodation of participants. There will be seating arrangements for the audiences of musical and dance performance (Filingeri et al., 2017). Table will also be arranged for dinning as well as Nail art competition equipments. There is adequate power backup and water supply for the entire event. The coffee shop and entire facility will have Wi-Fi support as well as all the required technical and communication infrastructure. The stage will be decorated for performances based on the theme of the event. Sound and lighting equipment will be sourced from a local event management agency.

Transportation of equipments and related supplies

Because certain products, equipment and related supplies for the nail art competition may come from outside the country, the Logistics team will be wary of issues like carnets and import duties. Importing products related to nail art will necessitate obtaining a license that permits for the transportation of items across country boundaries (Brennan, Devine and Boudreault-Fournier, 2020). Transportation of items to the event location from nearest warehouses prior to the Event, as well as from the facilities back to the vendors as required after the Occasion, is also critical to the operation of Event Management. It will be done with prior consultation and planning with logistics team members of the event.

Food arrangement

In order to make meal preparations, the team will undertake a demographic study of the event’s projected attendees. They will obtain as much details as feasible about the visitors before beginning to make meal arrangements in order to produce a menu that is as inclusive as feasible. The meal selection criteria can be aided by learning important profile facts about the visitors. Ethnic origins, residing places, previous event participation regularity, and occupational levels will all be taken into account (Filingeri et al., 2017). The management may get a head start on creating an inclusive cuisine that will be enjoyed by all customers and participants by conducting adequate research and customer evaluating long in advance. There will be compete dinning arrangement for the guests with a variety of British and international cuisine. The food will be prepared at the kitchen facility of the coffee shop and a dedicated catering and serving team will be there to provide a pleasant dining experience to the visitors.

Fire, security, crisis, and service access

In situation of an incident a total of three gates would be in place to enable immediate access to the location. Ambulance crews, policemen, and firefighting services should be able to readily access the site thanks to multiple well-placed gates. Emergency gateways are a critical component of any disaster contingency plan (Wynn-Moylan, 2017). The entire coffee shop and surroundings will be sanitized and all the guidelines provided by the UK government will be adhered to before conducting the event.

Emergency Procedures

There will be first aid as well as first medical supplies, sequencing, the proper way to go to the medical facility in an accident, traffic control, and health facility routing are all critical safety protocols that will be adhered to in the event (Dadwal and Dadwal, 2020). Logistics staff members will produce an emergency handbook for those who have to understand how to act in event of an accident.


Risk management plan

Risk assessment

Depending on the sort and function of a scheduled special occasion, there could be circumstances wherein event consumer or non-attendee conduct causes overcrowding and/or unforeseen traffic delays in the neighbourhood of the event location (Sealy, 2020). The event management team must examine the circumstances of the event and evaluate whether specific contingency preparations are required in the case of potential harmful conditions that could disrupt the scheduled travel arrangements on the day of the inauguration of the Nail & Spa coffee shop.

Risk treatment

Furthermore, via an assessment and evaluation approach, the risk manager and staff will be accountable for treating and analysing the risks. Within risk, evaluation procedure, the diagnosis and treatment steps are critical. While comprehensive risk reduction is difficult, the event’s risk manager should ensure that risks are kept to a minimum.

Figure. Risk assesment matrix

(Source: Sealy, 2020)


Various approaches for treating and assessing hazards have been offered. The risk assessment matrix, as shown in the picture above, will be used by the risk management personnel at the event. Initially, the risk management team will assess the risk’s possibility and clinical significance, and then the genuine evaluation of the identified hazard will identify the issue on the risk register based on the severity rating and possibility of occurrence (Sealy, 2020).. The only way to lessen the risk’s intensity and frequency of occurrence is to prevent the disaster or terminate the concert in the instance of catastrophic dangers.

Moreover, the risk management team will develop a contingency plan while concurrently monitoring and controlling risks depending on the possibility and level of risk. Since this is the concert’s first year, there will be few dangers because the festival has opted to collaborate with Security Scotland with security staff, which will include detailed preparation with health & safety personnel and Security Scotland specialists. The detailed planning process emphasises the escape or danger communication processes as well as safety and health infrastructure. The concerts’ risk management team will increase awareness by lowering recognised possible hazards with rigorous contingency plans.

Risk analysis

Risks Likelihood Consequence Risk Rating Prevention
The public wandering into the street and delivery cars blocking a pathway to offload equipment Possible Medium Medium Resolve the problem by securing a parking space near the location.
Power source is overloaded

and fails.

Rare High Medium Employa professional electrician to deliver and make adjustments to the power supply
People get electrocuted or electrocuted as a result of faulty or broken leads. Rare High High Electrical equipments will be kept away from public access
Food poisoning from food items Rare Medium Medium Strict quality check for all food ingredients and preparation
Fire hazards Rare High High Frequent checking of all fire safety equipments
Transport delay Possible High High All the equipments will be sourced a day before the event
Low ticket sales Possible Medium Medium Use innovative promotional techniques to attract audiances

Table. Risk analysis and prevention

(Source: Created by author)

Legal requirement

Before starting distributing tickets, the event management team will check that the site has given its authorization (Drott, 2020). There will also be further measures that will be taken to ensure the Musical concert avoid any legal risks:

  • List the organizer’s contact information prominently so that customers may contact them directly if necessary.
  • Confer with all those involved with the event’s preparation and administration on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running well.
  • Include a detailed briefing to food and beverage ingredient providers to ensure that sufficient quality standards are maintained for the event.
  • Ascertain the amount and quality of on-site amenities, especially in relation to the count of participants.
  • Ascertain that the designed merchandise based on nail art arrives on schedule and in sufficient numbers to satisfy all customers.
  • Ascertain that sufficient personnel levels are in place to handle attendees on the day of the event.
  • Make a strategy for dealing with harsh weather.
  • Identify the circumstances whereby it would issue a reimbursement and ensure the ticketing vendor is involved in the procedure in the case of severe issues beforehand to or even during the concert.
  • Instruct all event crew who will be working throughout the event carefully to ensure that everyone is all on the same page in terms of event management protocols and crisis management.
  • Assure that event employees, and also event management and local agencies can communicate efficiently during and after the event.

Health and safety measures

The guests are anxious to go out after months of social isolation and hiding in place. They are, nevertheless, terrified. In an earlier report over two-thirds of registrants claimed that cleanliness will be their primary reason for avoiding gatherings in the future (Calle et al., 2018). The following precautions will be made to keep the event cleaner and safer while also minimising contact:

  • Utilizing computerized check-in tools.
  • It will also include beacon wristbands that will mechanically check in participants, as well as face recognition at self-check-in entarnceto prevent individuals from touching the equipment.
  • Having sanitizer containers strategically placed throughout the arena.
  • Visitors will be given color-coded wristbands to indicate whether or not they are comfortablewith human contact.
  • Only invite those who have a genuine obligation to be present and others can opt to work from home.
  • Complete out a contact-tracing sheet with the team.
  • Guarantee that the event follows all regulatory requirements.
  • Establish thorough housekeeping and sanitization procedures.
  • Maintain open channels of communication. Be transparent about the new safety procedures and the re-boarding procedure.

Fire safety

In order to ensure safety from potential risk of fire, these steps will be taken:

  • The fire protection staff will examine smoke alarms and ensure that various sorts of smoke alarms are fitted and in good operating condition. A functional smoke detector raises an individual’s chances of surviving a fire significantly.
  • Examine the fire exit strategy in light of the demography of the incident. Ensure that the exit strategy works for those with disabilities, and ensuring people can understand and absorb the warnings.
  • Perform a tabletop simulation and a drill to rehearse the fire protection and evacuation strategy. Make sure they do this practise in a variety of situations.
  • Confer with the fire department to address potential concerns.
  • Ensure that both evacuees and firemen have unobstructed paths. There will be a precise and comprehensive map around where items are, which evacuation pathways should be utilised, and the places where firefighting equipment are situated in the fire division of the facilities.
  • Guarantee that the fire safety team double-checked and discussed with specialists what precautions should be done to eliminate biochemical dangers.

Financial feasibility analysis

A financial feasibility analysis, should evaluate the feasibility of the project followed by a critical element: would the venture or business have quite enough funds to carry out the project. A financial analysis can aid in just this evaluation. Evaluate the two elements: Costs incurred by the shop. A budget is a financial plan of costs and revenues for a given determined period of time that is generally produced as well as re-evaluated on just a regular basis. Budgets can indeed be created for an individual, a collection of individuals, a corporation, a nation, or almost anything else that generates and spends the money. Given below is a budget plan for the Nail art competition and music competition in Nail & Spa Coffee Shop.


  Description Projected
Nail art competition and music competition Nail art sales 200
  Beverage sales 60


  Nail art accessories sale 200
  Nail art equipment sale $50.00
  Publishing Royalties $100.00
  Digital Royalties $200.00
  Licensing $200.00
  coordinators $50.00
Evening Music event # extras 40
Merchandise   $500.00
  Participation passes sold $500.00
  Nail art coaching $500.00






  Recording 200
  Nail art items 200
  Posters 200


  Digital Distribution 30
  Digital Download Cards 70


  Merchandise 400


  Rehearsal Space 200
  Equipment 500
  Posters / Flyers 150
  Postage 50
  Food & beverages 150
  Lodging 50
  Participation passes 400
  Total participants involved with passes purchased $1,500
  Graphic Design 100
  Photo Shoot 100
  Website 200
  Publicist 50
  Banners 50
  Ads 50


  NET PROFIT $ 850


Justification and sources of funding

Fresh and creative entrepreneurial enterprises contribute to the creation, development, and growth of new innovations, sectors, and marketplaces, as well as the provision of remedies to relevant nail art and spa centers with coffee shop. However, these enterprises require significant financial resources to get established, expand, and flourish. Considering the significance of innovation to the overall market structure, one can see the need for a greater understanding of the various funding amounts and methods, as well as how these funding sources could be used by organisations and how these influence the development and sustainability of new events. Few ideas for Funding a Nail art competition and music competition:

Crowd funding as participation passes and low cost tickets Performance crowdfunding is selling participation passes of an event to enthusiastic customers at the very beginning of the event production process. If the performance raises enough funds, it is approved, as well as all spectators receive their reservations immediately.


Advanced ticket sales Funding might even go a level further and allow people to pre-purchase their competition passes, guaranteeing that their places in competition is secured. This would also improve customer experience by providing overall customer commitment and involvement with the organisation in the coming years. Selling a participation pass and tickets to a devoted consumer at 50percent off, and they subsequently encourage a colleague to purchase a participation pass, the company will have increased participation pass sales.

Sponsors Companies who sponsor outdoor concerts must make the most of their brand connections with the crowd. Companies are increasingly attempting to link oneself with all of the sectors in which younger generations have a foothold. Nail art competitions and music competitions are however one example. Companies from a small range of industries recently recognized how overflowing nail art, spa and coffee events are indeed an excellent method to communicate with a new crowd. Brands that sponsored Nail art competitions and music competitions used to have their logos embossed on platforms, welcome brochures, and so on. Brands such as FOK Nail Art , Foolzy Nail Art , Sgm Nail Art Kit, and others are examples.


This event plan provided all the necessary elements that are required for the successful organization of the Musical concert. It included the required recruitment and selection strategy for staffing and also basic information of the event and the venue. The operations and logistic plan has been prepared to ensure that the entire essential infrastructure can be prepared prior to the concert. The risk assessment plan focused on determining and preparing plans for the risks that are most likely to occur in the event. It can be concluded that the organising staff must be exceedingly flexible and adaptable to a variety of conditions. The outcomes acquired in connection to the objectives must subsequently be debriefed and analysed in Event Planning, as well as the media impact and visitor satisfaction must be evaluated.From the event’s standpoint, event bring down would have included reconciling finances and collecting outstanding recall bills to vendors, as well as doing inventory effectively. All nail art machinery is present as well as the premises are vacated in accordance with the contract. Finally, the event will close with an evolution and declaration of the competition winner. As a result, there will be an inner debrief and an exterior debrief identifying various nail art staff members including spa facilities, safety, and administration. It should detect and resolve potential issues as well as provide recommendations for better management. Furthermore, the closing of event evaluation provides a service quality expenditure alongside recognized effect to assist the event’s growth.

Keep a watch on event discussions, social networking connections, and engagement on the event’s application, among other things. If indeed the amount of persons engaged with events on such platforms exceeds the number of individuals expected to attend, planners must adapt their preparations correspondingly. Analysts highlight that there are various methods to foresee this significant event planning difficulty, whether tickets and event participation passes are sold out or reservations are filled up in advance, as far as consumers know where to look for. One must consider whether this is a method that users can consider using; in most circumstances. If one does decide to make this adjustment, we urge that one must concentrate on their efforts as well as the ultimate aim of establishing a quality event. This happens when one concentrates their profits completely to enhance the customer experience.


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Appendix 1

Appendix 1. Fire safety checklist





Appendix 2

Appendix 2. Interactions between Logistics Manager and Other Managers


Appendix 3

Appendix 3. Event management team structure

Appendix 4

Appendix 4. Event merchandise

Appendix 5

Appendix 5: Location

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