Avocadoes As a Food Commodity


Avocadoes: A Food Commodity

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Avocadoes As a Food Commodity
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Avocadoes are fruits that have been appreciated and have served many people up-to-date. The food commodity came into existence between 7000 and 5000 B.C in the south-central Mexico due to its valued importance in colonial times by the Spanish and the need for trade. In addition, Consumption of avocados increased strength and virility. It helped many childbirths and reduced the swellings and indigestions among people (Canales et al, 2019). Over10, 000 years going back in the Central Mexico, avocadoes had been in consumption all along, but before then, the people in Mexico used to collect and eat the wild avocados since they seemed the wild avocados seemed to have better nutrients and taste among them.

The food commodity has a buttery flesh when ripe enough and depending on the type of the species, they have green, brown, black and purple nature of skin when ripe enough. The commodity is egg-shaped or spherical and usually picked while unripe and made to ripe after harvesting. It has one seed which is at the center of the fruit and during consumption, the outer cover of the fruit is peeled off and the flesh remains as the food (Jones et al., 2020). The removed seed is used as again as the seed for acquiring other avocado trees.

Through the use of the workers in the field, food commodity is first planted as a seed by removing the clean pit, and locating the ends appropriately. The seed is then pierced with three toothpicks and put half-submerged in a trough containing water. In the water, the seed sprouts after then the soil is added around the base when is 15cm tall and the watering is done daily for its healthy growth. After the seedling has acquired the desired height, it is taken to the field for transplanting.

The food commodity is produced in large farms in Michoacn in West Central Mexico where there is cheap labor and good rainfall patterns. The avocados trees are therefore propagated through combing two varieties of avocado trees leading to faster harvests, with constant quality of the fruit. The food commodity is grown where there average rainfall between 1100 to 1600 mm yearly throughout the year taking into account the availability of cheap labor (Galindo-Tovar et al., 2007).The harvesting methods involve the use of hand held poles and baskets and picking the avocado fruits after maturity.

The commodity has negative impacts on the natural environment in that it leads to a greater percentage of deforestation in Mexico threatening the rare species leading to reduced biodiversity, in that, the habitats for butterflies are destructed rendering them homeless and some losing their lives. The cultivation of avocado fruit has contributed to water scarcity and has led to water pollution as a result of the applied agrochemicals for its pest control and disease controls. Due to this pollution, the lives of many people are threatened including the animals since the same polluted was used again by different people for cooking, drinking and doing domestic activities at their places of stay. Many

In addition, deforestation from the expansion of the avocado farms, contributed to the destruction of the Mexican yellow pine which is a good source of firewood, timber and products of resin reducing the ecosystem services among the individuals in those areas in Mexico. Without the timbers, many people would be rendered homeless since they would not acquire the timber to build their houses (Carman, 2006). The firewood which many people rely on, is reduced due to the insufficient land and this cause many people to eat raw food affecting their health. Again, the lands which are cleared and left bare before planting of avocado trees experience sheet erosion carrying away the top fertile part of the soil rendering the land infertile and not able to support other crops. With cleared vegetation, the areas receive reduced rainfall which with time lead to droughts causing trouble among the people in these areas.

The companies that use the food commodity as their raw material to make other avocado products like avocado oil and avocado pastes release hazardous gases into the environment during the manufacture processes contributing to air pollution (Qin et al., 2020). And this affect the lives of many people around those areas when they breathe in the dangerous gases.

The laborers producing the food commodity are the Mexican Migrant Workers, these are the people who migrated from various places due to different calamities in their areas of origin. These calamities included floods, earthquakes and droughts. The earthquakes were big threats these laborers forcing them to migrate and work as refugees. They are over one hundred thousand workers and they live in the camps close to the farms where they work. Many of them work under restriction with no freedom of choice.

Many of these workers who are employed in the export farms are under supervision by the contractors from where they come from. In addition, for the management of these farms to keep these workers to avoid their migration to other farms for better payments, they chose to withhold their wages for the whole period of contract. This would make these workers to be up to the task to work hard in the farms for their wages to be paid after the contract of three months is over.

The Mexicans, Indonesians and Colombians highly profit from the food commodity due to their high production scales making the countries to be leading in the exportation of the avocados. The produces in Mexico earn a lot of profit as those who import avocados from Mexico experiences high losses due to their high expenditure on the imported avocado from Mexico being to the advantage of the Mexican. Therefore, as Mexico benefits from avocados, those countries importing the commodity suffer the import cost of avocados from these producing countries.

The people employed in the avocado processing industries are able to wages to keep their families hence they benefit from the production of the avocado (Stanford et al., 2004). This extends to their family members who enjoy the use of the food commodity as their diet. The wages paid to them enable many workers at the industries to improve their general social, economic and physical aspects of life in the manner that they able to develop economically through the wages and they are able to pay for themselves hospital bills when they fall sick by the wages they are paid.

In addition, the workers who migrate from their areas of stay as a result of various calamities also suffer when they are not paid their wages in time. This makes them suffer for the periods they work at the farms. Besides those who are displaced during the construction of Industries suffer as they end up not being able to get a better place to stay. And the polluted water that the people living around the farms consume is not healthy for their health making them suffer from various that may end up killing many people. Moreover, the animals whose homes are cleared like the butterflies suffer when they lack where to stay.

The food commodity is consumed by the Dominican, Colombians, Mexicans, Americans, and Indonesians. In Mexico, the consumption of avocado is high since it has been part of the Mexican diet from many years ago. The sustenance and the importance in the avocados prompts its use by many individuals in Mexica as their diet. Moreover, being the first place where avocado originated from, many of the individuals from Mexico have got used to it and have made it their staple food increasing its use in the region (Khan et al., 2021). The Mexican have come up with many ways to utilize the commodity by making different products from it hence diversifying the usage of avocado in Mexico. Many avocado products like avocado oils, paste, and the juice are used by many people promoting the growth of avocado industries ensuring the development the food commodity Mexico.

In the Dominican Republic, large acres of land have been used to produce avocado. For this reason, the Dominicans highly value consuming avocado for its good nutrients and they use it too to make salads and soap products increasing its use in the region by many people.

Avocado is preferred by Dominicans for various reasons which include; it is incredibly nutritious making it to be added to various dishes, the avocados, contain high potassium which assist to maintain electrical gradients in the body of human beings and also serving very many essential function in the body, avocado has heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids which is of high value in the body just like the olive oil, they have much fiber which enhances weight loss and increasing metabolic processes (Arajo et al., 2018). In addition, consumption of avocado lowers cholesterol levels in the body which related to many heart diseases, therefore by using avocado, the cholesterol levels are lowered in the body solving the related heart diseases that cause various death among people.

Besides, the individuals who eat avocado in Dominica Republic have proven to be appear healthier encouraging many people to experience the same by having the avocados as their main diets to avoid risk of metabolic syndrome (Guzmn, L. F et al., 2017). Again the use of avocado has made many people using it to have high increase of antioxidants in their bodies giving a number of people the urge to prefer the consumption of the food commodity.

Furthermore, many threatening diseases globally like arthritis are prevented by the use of avocado due to this, many people in different regions in the world have opted to be using the food commodity to help them overcome such disease hence keeping them healthy all through.

Besides, avocado being rampant in Indonesia, the cost of acquiring it is always low making many people to be able to acquire the food commodity. Through the low prices, many people in the area mentioned above have made the commodity to be their easily affordable diet increasing the number of the people consuming the food commodity, and from the cultural perspective of view, the coming generation in this area gets to prefer avocado over other diets since young children are brought up feeding on avocado and having it as their known staple food commodity.

Some people over Indonesia areas, having their taste driven towards avocado and the natural love for avocado, have influenced many to use avocado as their good diet. Moreover the medicinal value has made several people to prefer this food commodity over other commodities. The avocado products over Indonesia have also spread making many to be in a position to access the products at easily and at affordable prices both for the poor and the rich. To add on top, some people who use the food commodity over Indonesia is as a result of the need to appreciate their produce as a country and to reduce the amount of imports from other countries encouraging the farmers to produce more avocados.

The Americans have identified the value in the food commodity increasing the production which in return lead to high number of individuals consuming the food commodity. The commodity also have a sweet taste making many people to positive towards it (Gonzlez-Estudillo et al., 2017). Since avocado does not need to be cooked, before eating, many people have preferred it to enabling them to save on fuel.

Therefore the commodity has served many advantages on people ensuring that they acquire good health through the nutritive value in the food commodity and has served many as their best diet improving their health, it has led to the development of the countries producing the food commodity, it has brought forth employment opportunities for the communities around industries processing the food commodity to make other products and to the refugees displaced by the natural calamities in their original lands. However, the avocado production has hugely impacted negatively on the environment through pollution of air by dangerous gases from the industries, facilitating deforestation leading to disappearance of various indigenous species, soil erosion on bare lands, destruction of animal homes, and causing drought conditions where there are no vegetation at the expense of the food commodity.



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